Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn

Famous investor and businessman
Date of Birth: 16.02.1936
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Carl Icahn
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Business Career

Biography of Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn is a well-known investor and businessman who has accumulated a great amount of wealth through the acquisition and sale of companies. Some have referred to Icahn as a "corporate raider" or "imperial shareholder," as his main goal has always been to generate short-term profits by any means necessary.

Early Life and Education

Carl Icahn was born and raised in New York, United States. He was raised in a middle-class family, with his father being a lawyer and his mother a teacher. It's no surprise that Icahn received an excellent education. He graduated from high school and went on to attend Princeton University, where he studied philosophy. After completing his studies at the university, Icahn followed his mother's request and enrolled in a medical educational institution in New York. However, he left the institution after a few years without completing his studies.

Business Career

In 1961, after completing his military service, Carl Icahn began working as a broker and, within five years, ventured into his own business. In 1979, Icahn made his first attempt at acquiring a company. He purchased a portion of a small company that produced electric stoves and later convinced the management to sell the company to Swedish competitors. As a shareholder, Icahn earned three million dollars from this deal.

Throughout the 1980s, Carl Icahn earned tremendous profits from significant companies such as Trans World Airlines (TWA), United States Steel Corporation (USX), and Texaco. He continued his strategy of acquiring large stakes in major companies, making significant changes to their management, and forcing them to sell either in parts or as a whole.

Icahn always emphasizes that he does not liquidate companies, but if it does happen, is it really such a terrible thing? He believes that as a person who buys something, he is obligated to make the process more productive. Presently, Carl Icahn remains active and describes himself as an activist fighting for shareholder rights. He strongly disagrees with those who label him as a corporate raider, asserting that his actions as a businessman are entirely justified. Recently, his public appearances and actions have garnered increasing respect from the public.