Charles Herbert Best

Charles Herbert Best

Canadian physician and physiologist
Date of Birth: 27.02.1899
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Charles Herbert Best
  2. Academic Career
  3. Discovery of Insulin
  4. World War II and Other Achievements
  5. Selected Works
  6. Charles Herbert Best passed away in Toronto on March 31, 1978.

Biography of Charles Herbert Best

Charles Herbert Best (1899-1978) was a Canadian physician and physiologist known for his work in the discovery of insulin. He was born on February 27, 1899, in West Pembroke, Maine, USA. Best attended the University of Toronto, where he earned his bachelor's degree (1921), master's degree (1922), and doctorate in medicine (1925).

Academic Career

In 1920-1921, Best worked in the Department of Physiology at the University of Toronto. In 1929, he became a professor and head of the department. From 1922 to 1932, he was a research associate at the Connaught Laboratories, and later became the director from 1932 to 1941. Best was also an associate professor at the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research at the University of Toronto from 1923 and served as the department head from 1941 to 1967.

Discovery of Insulin

While working under the guidance of J.J.R. Macleod, Best collaborated with Frederick Banting and successfully isolated the hormone insulin from the pancreatic gland of a dog in 1921. Through subsequent experiments, Banting and Best demonstrated the therapeutic effects of insulin in treating patients with diabetes. For this discovery, Macleod and Banting were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1923, and Banting shared half of the prize money with Best.

World War II and Other Achievements

During World War II, Best served as the head of the surgical service for the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve and the Medical Research Division of the Royal Canadian Navy. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Canadian Medical Association in 1936 and the Bailey Medal from the Royal College of Physicians in London in 1939. Best was a member of the Royal Society of London and the Royal Society of Canada, as well as the President of the Canadian Physiological Society.

Selected Works

Among Best's notable publications are "Internal Secretions of the Pancreas" (1922, co-authored with Banting), "The Living Body" (1938), and the textbook "The Physiological Basis of Medical Practice" (1939, co-authored with Banting).

Charles Herbert Best passed away in Toronto on March 31, 1978.