Chloe Dao

Chloe Dao

American fashion designer
Date of Birth: 15.06.1972
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Chloe Dao
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Early Career
  4. Rise to Fame
  5. Career Success and Achievements

Biography of Chloe Dao

Chloe Dao is an American fashion designer of Vietnamese descent, based in Houston, Texas. She rose to fame as the winner of the second season of the reality show "Project Runway" with her collection of women's evening gowns. Many of her designs featured voluminous billowing sleeves, tiny jackets covering only the shoulders, and prints resembling brocade embroidery.

Chloe Dao

Early Life and Education

Chloe Dao was born on June 15, 1972, in Pakse, a major city in southern Laos. Her parents moved to Thailand during the Vietnam War to avoid the consequences of the conflict. In 1979, the entire family, including Chloe, her parents, and her seven sisters, immigrated to the United States. Growing up, Chloe would constantly alter old clothes, and her first original design was a dress for her own prom. After high school, she studied marketing at the University of Houston but dropped out after a year and a half. She then enrolled at Houston Community College to study design, and later attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, graduating in 1994 with a specialization in pattern-making.

Chloe Dao

Early Career

While still a student, Chloe worked at "Madame Rossuel," a fashionable clothing store on the Upper East Side. After completing her studies, she found a position as a designer's assistant and pattern-maker at "Finity," a company that produced knitwear and sportswear. After a year, she left "Finity" and worked as a design assistant and production manager at "Melinda Eng" for six years. Chloe then briefly worked as an assistant buyer at "Catherine Dietlein" before returning to Houston to open her own boutique called "Lot 8." The unique name of the store referred to the fact that Chloe grew up with eight sisters, most of whom chose careers in medicine or law.

Chloe Dao

Rise to Fame

Chloe's designs gained recognition when they were featured in "Lucky" magazine and several local Texas publications, including the "Houston Chronicle" and "Texas Monthly." During the filming of "Project Runway," Chloe made several remarks that demonstrated her passionate desire to win the show. In the end, the judges chose her collection among the three finalists, alongside Santino Rice and Daniel Vosovic. Unlike the winner of the first season, Jay McCarroll, Chloe accepted both the $100,000 cash prize and an internship at "Banana Republic."

Chloe Dao

Career Success and Achievements

After her victory on "Project Runway," Chloe continued to develop her business in Houston. In January 2007, her designs were featured at the Smithsonian Museum exhibition "Exit Saigon, Enter Little Saigon." Due to her collections, Chloe gained a reputation as a designer who understands women and their body needs, leading to a contract with "Dove" as their representative for the "Sleeveless Ready" campaign. In May 2007, Chloe presented a collection of 13 items titled "Simply. Chloe Dao." on QVC, which sold out during the broadcast.

In 2008, Chloe partnered with bag and travel gear manufacturer "Nuo Tech" to produce a line of mobile and travel accessories, appreciating her lightweight style and contemporary sensibility. The "Dao Chloe Dao by Nuo Collection" was available in stores in the spring of 2009. Additionally, in March 2008, she launched her wholesale line "DAO Chloe DAO." In the summer of 2010, Chloe unveiled her collection of wedding dresses, receiving rave reviews from both brides and the media.