Christa Muth

Christa Muth

German systems scientist, professor of management and management consultant
Date of Birth: 24.11.1949
Country: Germany

  1. Biography of Kris Mut
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Career and Contributions
  4. Gender Transition
  5. Contributions to Social Innovation

Biography of Kris Mut

Early Life and Education

Kris Mut was born on November 24, 1949, in Mönchengladbach, Germany, into a family of textile industrialists. Being Lutherans, Mut's relatives refused to join the Nazi party, which put them at risk. However, after the end of World War II, their troubles paid off when the Mut family became privileged partners of the Allied forces.
Mut studied economic history and sociology at Geneva University, where he had the opportunity to work and exchange ideas with intellectuals such as Jean Ziegler, Jean Piaget, and Paolo Freire. He earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1991 from La Jolla University in San Diego with a dissertation on private and public academic education.

Christa Muth

Career and Contributions

Mut helped develop a politically liberal attitude towards stimulating alternative businesses. He aimed to expand opportunities and create jobs for those in need, matching them with work that aligned with their values. Despite his good intentions, Mut faced sharp criticism for his management style, which some perceived as pseudo-democratic and authoritarian. Nevertheless, some enterprises he was involved in continue to exist to this day.
Later, Mut focused on asset revaluation, merger and acquisition processes, management succession, and organizational development. Over 20 years of consulting work in both public and private organizations, Mut often took on the most challenging situations where few believed in a positive outcome.

Gender Transition

Mut was aware of his gender dysphoria from early childhood. Due to fear, shame, and a lack of professional psychological support at the time, Mut, who initially identified as male, could not undergo a gender transformation. His first attempt at living as a woman at the age of 32 lasted only four months and was unsuccessful. As time went on and the situation worsened, Mut fell seriously ill. At the age of 57, he decided that if he wanted to continue living, it was time to seek help from experienced practitioners and surgeons. According to the conditions, Mut continued to deliver lectures and fulfill his professional duties in the guise of a woman before the operation.

Contributions to Social Innovation

After the gender transition, Kris Mut developed a new area of academic interest in the field of social innovation. She argued that too many possibilities for implementing ideas are simply discarded or forgotten due to conservative mindsets in business and politics. Her new project, the 'Houses of... Initiative,' aimed to demonstrate how to address social problems effectively. Additionally, after her transformation, Mut began advocating for the rights and interests of transgender individuals and joined the TGNS human rights organization.