Cyriak Harris

Cyriak Harris

British animator
Country: Great Britain

  1. A Biography of Cyriak Harris
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. The Concept Behind Cyriak's Work
  4. Favorite Themes
  5. Recognition and Achievements
  6. Continued Success

A Biography of Cyriak Harris

Cyriak Harris, also known as Mutated Monty, is a contemporary British animator and creative known for his mind-bending videos. He has gained popularity on YouTube, with millions of people having viewed his videos on the platform.

Early Life and Career

Cyriak Harris was born and raised in Brighton, England. He developed a passion for animation and creativity from a young age. He primarily works with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for his animations.

The Concept Behind Cyriak's Work

Cyriak's main concept for his work involves taking ordinary images or simple videos and transforming them into abstract and often bizarre creations. He incorporates repetitive elements and constant backtracking, turning the initially harmless image into a visually overwhelming video experience. His videos have garnered attention and have been viewed by millions of people, with one particular video featuring idyllic cows reaching over 20 million views.

Favorite Themes

Cyriak often focuses on animals such as cows, cats, and sheep in his videos. However, he also showcases his skills in manipulating insects, machinery, and even humans through computer-generated effects.

Recognition and Achievements

In 2009, Cyriak Harris won the 'E Stings competition' organized by E4 channel. His unique style and captivating videos have drawn comparisons to the effects of LSD and other similar substances. However, Harris vehemently denies any drug-related influence, emphasizing that original and innovative ideas can arise without any connection to drugs.

Continued Success

Despite his success and involvement in various notable projects, Cyriak Harris prefers to remain in the shadows. His videos continue to generate immense interest on the internet, and he has become a beloved figure within the animation community. In one interview, he expressed his deep appreciation for the internet, as it has been a platform for him to share his unique creations with the world.