Danie Shay

Danie Shay

An artist who creates exclusively in the car and exclusively on the go.
Country: USA

Biography of Daniel Shay

Daniel Shay is a 51-year-old American artist who exclusively creates art in cars and exclusively while driving. He is the only artist in the world who practices this unique form of art. His inclination towards this risky form of creativity developed several years ago while enduring a long drive from one state to another, accompanied by endless traffic. During this journey, Daniel felt an irresistible desire to capture one of his models in the nude, whom he had brought along for the trip, without ever leaving the highway.

Ever since Daniel acquired his new convertible car, a Suzuki Samurai, his passion for drawing while on the move has flourished. The expanded view of the surroundings provided him with more meaningful inspiration. With his left hand on the steering wheel, Daniel skillfully manipulates pencils and markers with his right hand, securing his sketch pad inside the car. This unique approach has allowed the artist to create over five hundred landscapes, eagerly sought after by collectors at auctions.

Interestingly, the creative process of the "car artist" does not contribute to any accidents on the roads, as it actually makes Daniel more cautious and focused on driving. Born to a Colonel and a homemaker, Shay has been drawing for his entire conscious life. Currently residing in Washington state with his artist wife and two children, this extraordinary artist dreams of painting while controlling a... subway train.