Daria Joura

Daria Joura

Australian gymnast
Date of Birth: 02.05.1990
Country: Australia

Biography of Daria Joura

Daria Joura is an Australian gymnast who has achieved great success in the sport. She was born on May 2, 1990, in Leninsk-Kuznetsky, a major district center in the Kemerovo region of Russia. Both of her parents were gymnastics coaches in Perth, Australia, and they moved there in 1997 when Daria's father accepted a coaching position at the Western Australian Institute of Sport.

Daria Joura

Currently, Joura resides in Perth and trains under the guidance of Martine George and Nikolai Lapshin at the Institute of Sport. She began her gymnastics career at the age of six in Russia, always being around her parents in the gymnasium. In 2001, Joura participated in her first Australian National Championships, where she finished first overall, second in floor exercises and vault, and third on the balance beam among juniors.

Daria Joura

In 2003, she started competing at the junior international level, winning the national championship title in the all-around and finishing second in vault and floor exercises. Her first international tournament was the Canberra Cup, where she placed sixth overall. Despite missing the Australian Championships in 2005 due to injury, Joura participated in other competitions, including the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, where she won a silver medal in team competitions and a gold medal in floor exercises.

Unfortunately, she did not make the team for the 2006 Commonwealth Games after falling multiple times in the qualifiers. In the 2006 Pacific Alliance Championships, Joura competed as a senior gymnast, helping the Australian team win a silver medal. She also won first place in all disciplines except the balance beam at the national championships that year and claimed bronze at the World Cup in Shanghai and Glasgow.

In the following year, Joura showcased her skills at the American Cup in Jacksonville, Florida, performing a new skill, the Komanechi salto on the balance beam. She became the national champion in the all-around for the second consecutive year and won gold in floor exercises, balance beam, vault, and team competition, representing Western Australia. However, her performance at the World Championships was disappointing, but she excelled in the World Cup, winning bronze, silver, and gold medals.

Leading up to the Beijing Olympics, Joura had high hopes but suffered an ankle injury during the qualifiers. She pushed through the pain, qualifying for the Olympics and helping her team secure a fifth-place finish. However, her Olympic journey ended in tears as she realized she could no longer compete due to her injuries. She managed to participate in the uneven bars event but suffered a severe facial injury. Despite undergoing two surgeries in 2009, her ankle did not fully recover within the nine-month timeframe, leading Joura to make the difficult decision to retire from competitive gymnastics on November 6, 2010.

After taking some time to rest and recover, Joura returned to the sport in 2012 with new choreography and music.