Denise Dorlag

Denise Dorlag

Owner of the tallest dog in the world
Country: USA

  1. The owner of the tallest dog in the world
  2. A towering giant
  3. A massive appetite
  4. A gentle giant
  5. A practical challenge

The owner of the tallest dog in the world

Denise Dorlag is the proud owner of a Great Dane named Zeus, who holds the title for the Tallest Dog in the world according to the Guinness World Records. Denise and Zeus reside in Otsego, Michigan.

Denise Dorlag

A towering giant

Zeus, a three-year-old Great Dane, stands at an impressive height of 111.8 cm, making him taller than an average donkey. When he stands on his hind legs, his height reaches over 220 cm, allowing him to tower over humans. Despite his enormous size, Zeus weighs 70.3 kg.

Denise Dorlag

A massive appetite

Denise shares that maintaining Zeus' size requires him to consume 12 dog bowls of food daily, equivalent to about 13.5 kg. The cost of feeding Zeus and meeting his dietary needs can be challenging for Denise. Additionally, taking care of a dog of Zeus' proportions comes with various other expenses.

A gentle giant

Despite his intimidating stature, Zeus has a friendly and gentle temperament. He listens well to his owners and loves to play. When Denise or her family members take Zeus for a walk, people often mistake him for a horse and ask if they can ride him. Zeus gets along well with other dogs, and the size difference between him and other breeds makes for humorous interactions.

A practical challenge

Transporting Zeus poses a practical challenge due to his size. Denise's family had to purchase a special truck to accommodate their beloved pet, as he cannot fit into a regular car. Prior to Zeus, the title for the tallest dog in the world was held by Giant George. Zeus surpassed him by just an inch, earning him the title of the Tallest Dog in the world.