Dennis Morgan

Dennis Morgan

American actor and singer
Date of Birth: 20.12.1908
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Dennis Morgan
  2. Rise to Fame in Hollywood
  3. Memorable Roles and Personal Life
  4. Later Years and Legacy

Biography of Dennis Morgan

Dennis Morgan, whose real name was Stanley Morner, was born on December 20, 1908, in Prentice, Wisconsin, USA. He attended Carroll College in Wisconsin, where he was a member of the football team. Later, Morgan studied vocal music at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee and the American Conservatory in Chicago. He also performed in school plays and sang in a musical group.

Dennis Morgan

Rise to Fame in Hollywood

In the beginning, Morgan started with small roles in Hollywood until he made a breakthrough in 1940 with the role of Wynnewood 'Wyn' Strafford VI in the drama film "Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman" alongside Ginger Rogers. He went on to star in several notable films, including the musical "My Wild Irish Rose" (1947) with Arlene Dahl, the action-adventure film "God Is My Co-Pilot" (1945), and the melodrama "The Very Thought of You" (1944) with Eleanor Parker. He also formed a successful partnership with his friend Jack Carson, appearing in films such as "Two Guys from Milwaukee" (1946), "Two Guys from Texas" (1948), and "It's a Great Feeling" (1949). Morgan and Carson appeared together in a total of 15 projects, including the musical comedy "Thank Your Lucky Stars" (1943) and the drama "The Hard Way" (1943) directed by Vincent Sherman.

Dennis Morgan

Memorable Roles and Personal Life

Among Morgan's most memorable roles was that of sailor Jefferson Jones in the beloved Christmas comedy-drama "Christmas in Connecticut" (1945) alongside Barbara Stanwyck and other talented actors. Morgan stopped acting in the 1950s but occasionally accepted episodic roles. He married Lillian Vedder on September 5, 1933, and they were married for 61 years until Morgan's death. The couple had three children - Stanley Morner, Kristin Morgan, and James Morner. Kristin appeared with her father in the musical film "My Wild Irish Rose" (1957) directed by David Butler when she was eight years old.

Later Years and Legacy

In the later years of his life, Morgan became a successful businessman in the holding business industry. He also performed as part of an opera company, appearing in productions such as "Faust" and "Carmen." At Errol Flynn's funeral in October 1959, Morgan sang the song "Home is the Sailor." The talented actor and singer passed away on September 7, 1994, due to respiratory failure in Fresno, California. Dennis Morgan once said, "It's not the easiest thing in the world to be successful in Hollywood and still remain an ordinary husband and father."