Diana Vinkovetsky

Diana Vinkovetsky

Country: USA

  1. Biography of Diana Vinkovetskaya
  2. Desire to Leave the USSR
  3. Settling in the US
  4. Literary Success
  5. Meeting Joseph Brodsky
  6. Literary Aspirations

Biography of Diana Vinkovetskaya

Diana Vinkovetskaya was born in Kronstadt, Russia. She received her education at Leningrad University, specializing in geology and geomorphology. After completing her studies, she began working in expeditions and later joined her alma mater as a researcher.

Diana Vinkovetsky

Desire to Leave the USSR

In the early 1970s, Diana and her husband Yakov Vinkovetsky developed a desire to leave the Soviet Union. Perhaps the catalyst was the search conducted in their home after their friend Joseph Brodsky emigrated. Or maybe it was simply a shared and vague longing for the freedom that was scarce in their homeland. Diana also desired to take their children out of the USSR. In 1975, after overcoming numerous bureaucratic barriers associated with emigration, the Vinkovetsky family relocated to the United States.

Settling in the US

Initially, they had to adjust to the unfamiliar Western world. However, Yakov was soon offered a job at Exxon, and the family settled in Houston. Diana was also employed by the same company later on. It was during this time that Diana came up with an innovative idea to publish a book featuring quotes from their son Ilya. After reviewing the recordings they had made since Ilya's first words, Diana organized them into sections and themes, resulting in a unique collection titled "Ilya's Conversations." The book underwent several revisions, transforming from a simple compilation of her son's phrases into a comprehensive work with the concept of "Boy - World."

Literary Success

Yakov, Diana's first and most critical editor, approved the final version of the book, which was soon published by the "Hermitage" publishing house. The positive feedback from readers overwhelmed Diana, and even Sergey Dovlatov reviewed the book on Radio Liberty. For the second Russian edition of "Ilya's Stories," Diana wrote a preface entitled "Through the Mouth of a Baby." Shortly after, she published her second book, "America, Russia, and Me," based on the letters she had written to Russia upon her arrival in the United States.

Meeting Joseph Brodsky

Diana dedicated a separate story called "Unit of Time" to her encounters with Joseph Brodsky, documenting their introduction and subsequent friendship. In her book, "Beyond Upbringing," Diana shared her experiences and philosophy on raising her children, emphasizing the importance of granting them freedom.

Literary Aspirations

Diana Vinkovetskaya's literary ambitions are vast. She is currently working on her latest book and dreams of finally writing a book about love. According to Diana, the best books about love are written by men, and she aims to provide a deep and honest female perspective. Her book will not be sentimental, but rather a firm and accurate portrayal of herself and how love has led her to self-understanding. Diana Vinkovetskaya considers herself a happy person, as both of her marriages, the first and the second, have been successful. Consequently, her new book may be titled "How to Be Happy."