Dimitriy Elyashkevich

Dimitriy Elyashkevich

American producer and cinematographer.
Date of Birth: 23.02.1975
Country: USA

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Biography of Dmitry Elyashevich

Born in the USSR, in Minsk, Dmitry Elyashevich is an American producer and cinematographer known for his work in various film projects. However, he moved with his family to Brooklyn, New York in his youth, where he continues to reside.


Dmitry Elyashevich started his career as an actor and director in the TV series "Freaks" in the year 2000. He gained recognition as a producer for films like "Jackass: The Movie," "Jackass: Number Two," and "Wildboyz." In his films, Dmitry also made cameo appearances.

He worked as the cinematographer for the projects "Freaks" and "Wildboyz," and appeared in cameo roles in some episodes, most notably in the Gumball 3000 rally as a Russian translator. Dmitry also collaborated with Steve-O on the project "Don't Try This at Home: Tour."

Personal Life

Dmitry Elyashevich currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, where he grew up. He previously worked for the magazine "Big Brother," which helped him secure the position as the main cinematographer for the TV series "Freaks."

In the show, Dmitry primarily appeared in episodic roles, including a scandalous incident in a store where he narrowly escaped a beating from a salesman. He also served as the main cinematographer for the show "Wildboyz." The voiceover for the "Dickhouse" intro in the movie "Jackass Number Two" belongs to Dmitry.

Furthermore, Dmitry directed the documentary film "Demise and Rise," which focused on Steve-O's struggle with substance abuse.

During a radio interview on Bema Radio, Dmitry admitted to struggling with gambling addiction, losing significant amounts of money in slot machines, and spending entire nights in gambling halls.