Elaine Shepard

Elaine Shepard

American actress, journalist
Date of Birth: 02.04.1913
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Elaine Shepard
  2. Rising to Fame in Film
  3. Success on Broadway
  4. Transition to Journalism
  5. Legal Battle and Later Career
  6. Works and Achievements

Biography of Elaine Shepard

Elaine Shepard, an American actress and journalist, had a successful career in both Broadway and the film industry during the 1930s and 1940s. She is also known for her semi-fictional book about aviation in the Vietnam War, titled 'The Doom Pussy'.

Rising to Fame in Film

Elaine Shepard made her film debut in 1936, starring as Valerie Tremaine in the serial 'Darkest Africa'. She then went on to play leading roles in several small films and eventually landed supporting roles in major films. Notable among them was her role as a secretary in 'Topper', uncredited roles in 'Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo' and 'Ziegfeld Follies'.

Success on Broadway

Elaine Shepard later received the opportunity to showcase her talent in the musical 'Seven Days Ashore', where she played a significant role as the love interest of a group of sailors. She also secured several roles on Broadway, including in Cole Porter's musical 'Panama Hattie'.

Transition to Journalism

Despite her success in acting, Elaine Shepard decided to leave the profession and pursue a career in journalism. She became a renowned journalist, primarily known for her stories about the Vietnam War, which later formed the basis of her book 'Doom Pussy'. Interestingly, this book is often cited as the origin of the phrase 'the whole nine yards', although it is likely much older.

Legal Battle and Later Career

In 1959, Shepard joined a press group that accompanied President Eisenhower on a European tour. Following the tour, she filed a defamation lawsuit against Dorothy Kilgallen, who falsely claimed that one of the female journalists had an affair with someone from the White House during the trip. The problem was that Elaine Shepard was the only female journalist in the press group. The lawsuit dragged on for several years.

Works and Achievements

Elaine Shepard appeared in a total of 13 projects throughout her career, including 'Darkest Africa', 'I Cover Chinatown', 'Law of the Ranger', 'The Fighting Texan', 'Topper', 'Night 'n' Gales', 'Professor Beware', 'There Goes My Heart', 'You Can't Fool Your Wife', 'The Falcon in Danger', 'Seven Days Ashore', 'Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo', and 'Ziegfeld Follies'. She also published three books: 'Forgive Us Our Press Passes', 'The Doom Pussy', and 'The Doom Pussy II'.