Emil Seibold

Emil Seibold

Non-commissioned officer of an SS tank unit
Country: Germany

Biography of Emil Seibold

Emil Seibold was born on February 26, 1907 in Basel, Switzerland. He voluntarily joined the ranks of the NSDAP on April 1, 1933, and became a member of the SS on April 10, 1933.

During World War II, Seibold initially served in the "Dead Head" division (April - November 1940, French campaign) in an infantry unit. He was later transferred to the "Das Reich" division in the tank destroyer battalion, first as a motorcyclist and then as a gun commander.

In March 1943, after the third battle for Kharkov, on the Komintern steam locomotive factory, the "Das Reich" division captured about fifty non-combat-ready T-34 tanks waiting for repairs. The Germans repaired 25 T-34 tanks, arming them with the third battalion of the 2nd tank regiment of the "Das Reich" division. Seibold was appointed the commander of one of the captured Russian tanks. He achieved 69 "victories" on the Eastern Front.

Seibold held the rank of Hauptsturmführer. He was seriously wounded in 1944 but survived and passed away in 1990.

Emil Seibold, the tank ace, was known alongside Michael Wittmann. He was awarded almost all the highest orders of Nazi Germany, including the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (significant date - May 6, 1945) and the Gold German Cross. For his actions on the Eastern Front, Seibold received the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class, the Wound Badge in Silver, the Eastern Front Medal, the Close Combat Clasp, and several other orders and medals.