Jean-Armand Du Peyrer

Jean-Armand Du Peyrer

Legendary captain of the royal musketeers
Country: France

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Biography of Jean-Armand du Peyre

Jean-Armand du Peyre, the legendary captain of the King's Musketeers, is primarily known through numerous film adaptations of Alexandre Dumas' famous novel. He was born into the du Peyre family, much like his future subordinate, Porthos, and did not come from an aristocratic background. However, he was granted nobility due to his long service to the king.

Introduction to Louis XIII

Jean-Armand du Peyre, also known as the future Count de Treville, was first introduced to Louis XIII in 1621, after the siege of Montauban. Marshal Francois de Bassompierre later recalled this episode, stating:

"Jean-Armand du Peyre, with whom I served with great pleasure, was presented to His Majesty for the first time after the siege of Montauban."

Regardless of the details, Treville earned this rank the following year. Three years later, in 1625, for his outstanding performance during the sieges of Saint-Antonin and Montpellier, he was appointed as the cornet of a Musketeer company. During the storming of the city of Suze in 1629, he became a sub-lieutenant, and by 1632, he had become a lieutenant. Finally, from 1634 onwards, he held the position of captain-lieutenant of the Musketeer company, commanding it directly under the king himself.

It is worth noting that Musketeers were exclusively recruited from the guards, and joining their ranks was seen as a promotion that allowed one to be closer to the king.

Du Peyre, Jean-Armand