Erik Dammann

Erik Dammann

Norwegian writer, anti-globalist and environmentalist
Date of Birth: 09.05.1931
Country: Norway

  1. Eric Dammann: Norwegian Writer, Anti-Globalist, and Ecologist
  2. Founding "Future in Our Hands"
  3. Exploring Life on Samoa
  4. Philosophy and Recognition
  5. Later Years and Legacy
  6. Interview with Dr. Eric J. Dammann

Eric Dammann: Norwegian Writer, Anti-Globalist, and Ecologist

Eric Dammann is a Norwegian writer, anti-globalist, and ecologist, best known as the founder of the movement "Future in Our Hands." He received his education in advertising technology. His book, "Future in Our Hands," stirred public debate and led to discussions about the prospects of civilization's development.

Founding "Future in Our Hands"

Inspired by the success of his book, Eric Dammann initiated the public movement "Future in Our Hands" in 1974. This international organization still exists today, with over twenty thousand members and more than thirty partner organizations worldwide.

Exploring Life on Samoa

Eric Dammann is also famous for his time spent on the island of Samoa, which he vividly described in his book "With Four Children in a Palm Hut" (1968). He is also credited with launching two other public movements: Project Alternative Future and Forum for System Debate.

Philosophy and Recognition

His book "Behind Time and Space" (1987) was considered an introduction to New Age philosophy in Norway. In 1982, Eric Dammann received the Right Livelihood Award, often referred to as an alternative Nobel Prize. The award recognized his challenge to Western lifestyles and values, promoting a more responsible approach to the environment and the developing world.

Later Years and Legacy

Since 1988, Eric Dammann has received a lifetime government pension. His books have been translated into nine languages, spreading his ideas and insights to a wider audience.

Interview with Dr. Eric J. Dammann

In an interview conducted by Judith West, Dr. Eric J. Dammann provided insights and perspectives on various topics, showcasing his expertise and knowledge.