Ernst Friedrich Zwirner

Ernst Friedrich Zwirner

German architect, creator of Cologne Cathedral
Date of Birth: 28.02.1802
Country: Germany

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  2. The Cologne Cathedral
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Biography of Ernst Friedrich Zwirner

Ernst Friedrich Zwirner, the German architect and creator of Cologne Cathedral, was born on February 28, 1802. He received his education at the Building School in Breslau and the Architectural Academy in Berlin. Zwirner was always drawn to the Gothic style, thoroughly studying it through the remaining architectural monuments and choosing it as the guiding force in his work. This circumstance greatly contributed to the revival of Germany.

Ernst Friedrich Zwirner

The Cologne Cathedral

Zwirner's most significant work as an architect was the construction of Cologne Cathedral. He participated in this project from 1833 until his death. It is thanks to Zwirner's talent that the Cologne Cathedral is considered a gem of the Gothic style. His assistant, Foigtel, continued his work, and the Cathedral was completed after Ernst Zwirner's death in 1880.

Other Notable Works

Among Ernst Friedrich Zwirner's other notable works, it is worth mentioning the Church of St. Apollinaris in Remagen, the castle of Prince Furstenberg in Gerdringen, the Moyland Castle near Cleves, two churches in Elberfeld and Mulheim on the Rhine, as well as the synagogue in Cologne.


Ernst Friedrich Zwirner passed away on September 22, 1861, in Cologne.