Ernst Lecher Bacon

Ernst Lecher Bacon

American composer, pianist and conductor.
Date of Birth: 26.05.1898
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Ernst Lecher Bacon
  2. Early Career and Inspirations
  3. Compositional Style
  4. Influence and Literary Sources
  5. Legacy and Death

Biography of Ernst Lecher Bacon

Ernst Lecher Bacon was an American composer, pianist, and conductor. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to parents Charles S. Bacon and Maria von Rosthorn Bacon. At the age of 19, Bacon enrolled in Northwestern University, studying mathematics. After three years, he transferred to the University of Chicago and eventually completed his education at the University of California, Berkeley. It was during this time that Bacon decided to pursue a career in music and obtained his master's degree as a composer.

Early Career and Inspirations

Bacon had the opportunity to study under renowned composers such as Ernest Bloch, Alexander Raab, and Eugene Goossens. At the age of 19, he wrote a complex treatise titled "Our Musical Idiom," exploring various harmonic combinations. However, as Bacon began writing music himself, he abandoned his purely scientific approach and embraced the artistic nature of music. He preferred to create musical compositions using his imagination rather than an abstract-analytical approach.

Compositional Style

Bacon primarily taught himself the craft of composition, although he did study briefly with Karl Weigl in Vienna. He experienced the post-war European depression firsthand, which solidified his belief that avant-garde art arises solely from pessimism. Bacon was drawn to music that could reflect the vitality and optimism of his homeland. His achievements in this area were highly impressive, often evoking comparisons to the renowned composer Béla Bartók. It seemed that Bacon's inspiration knew no bounds.

Influence and Literary Sources

One of Bacon's most significant muses was the poet Emily Dickinson. He played a pivotal role in bringing her work to the realm of music. Additionally, Bacon incorporated the works of Emily Brontë, Carl Sandburg, William Blake, Sara Teasdale, and Alfred Edward Housman into his compositions.

Legacy and Death

Ernst Lecher Bacon passed away on March 16, 1990, at the age of 91. His contributions to American music and his ability to infuse his compositions with energy and optimism left a lasting impact on the field. He is remembered as a talented composer, pianist, and conductor who pushed the boundaries of contemporary music.