Eron Falbo

Eron Falbo

Brazilian rock musician
Date of Birth: 12.03.1985
Country: Brazil

  1. Biography of Eron Falbo
  2. Early Life and Musical Journey
  3. Paris and Travels
  4. Literary Pursuits and Solo Career
  5. Solo Career and Recent Projects

Biography of Eron Falbo

Eron Falbo, born Eron Alves de Oliveira Sobrinho in 1985 in Brasilia, Brazil, is a Brazilian rock musician. At the age of 17, his life took a turning point when he received a guitar as a gift on his birthday. This gift completely changed his subsequent life. Just a week later, Eron was able to play covers of songs by bands like Velvet Underground and Radiohead.

Eron Falbo

Early Life and Musical Journey

Eron spent his childhood in Brasilia, attending a boring school and aimlessly wandering the streets of the city. However, everything changed on his 17th birthday when he received the guitar. Recognizing that "practice is the only way to learn to play the guitar," Eron gave small concerts to friends and acquaintances, and even entertained people on the streets by playing well-known songs. He played in several bands, but none of them felt right to him as his musical preferences differed from the popular genres and styles of that time. Eron mainly played hits from the 1960s and 1970s, occasionally composing his own songs that rarely went beyond folk music.

Eron Falbo

Paris and Travels

At the age of 18, Eron moved to Paris with a friend, where he performed his songs in small bars and clubs. He admitted that it was challenging for him to establish connections with people, and folk music was one of the few genres where he felt comfortable performing solo. For the next few years, Eron dedicated himself to what he loved most - traveling. He visited most European countries, giving several concerts in each. By that time, Eron's fame preceded him, and his arrival in a country was met with great excitement comparable to the release of the latest album by The Beatles.

Literary Pursuits and Solo Career

During this time, Eron also found solace in writing lyrics and became a successful poet, even winning first place in a World Poetry Contest. However, like his main idol, Jean Nicolas Rimbaud, he declined the award. This action caused quite a stir in the literary world and added to the fame of all the "cursed poets," a category to which Eron considered himself to belong. He performed as a duo called "Heron & Hadrian" with his friend Daniel Caltabiano for some time. After returning to his hometown, Eron formed a musical group called "Os Julianos" and achieved moderate success. However, several weeks after their first Latin American tour, the band disbanded.

Solo Career and Recent Projects

Following the band's breakup, Eron immediately started recording his own material, hoping to revive his solo career. In February 2009, he performed several new compositions at the International Folk Alliance festival in Memphis, Tennessee. A few months later, fate smiled upon Eron once again when renowned music producer Bob Johnson agreed to help him record his debut album. The album featured musicians such as Paul Leim, David Hungate, and guitarist Kerry Marx, among others. The album was recorded in just a couple of days but was not available in stores. Instead, the songs could only be downloaded from the artist's official website, adding to the buzz surrounding Eron and his album. Recently, Eron announced his plans to release his newly written novel, "Action: Sinistro," simultaneously with the album titled "Fans have been waiting for over a year," although no official information has been released yet.