Estelle Hallyday

Estelle Hallyday

Famous French model
Date of Birth: 05.05.1966
Country: France

  1. Biography of Estelle Holliday
  2. Modeling Career
  3. Brand Collaborations
  4. Professionalism and Success

Biography of Estelle Holliday

Estelle Holliday, the famous French model, was born on May 5, 1966, in Rouen. Since childhood, she nurtured a dream of becoming famous and recognizable. However, she was only able to break into the modeling industry at the age of 19 when she was noticed by a representative of the brand 'Guess' in Paris. During the contract signing, the president of the company and her creative director, Paul Marciano, expressed high expectations for her.

Estelle Hallyday

Modeling Career

Currently, Estelle works for 'IMG' in New York, while also continuing her work for 'Karin Models' in her hometown. She has appeared in six advertising campaigns for 'Guess', working alongside other famous models such as Jill Goodacre, Suzanne Lanza, Frederik Van Der Val, Yasmin Le Bon, and Karl Bruni. These campaigns became a great success for Holliday, as it is rare to be the face of such a popular brand like 'Guess'. She alternates her advertising campaign shoots with participation in various photoshoots for popular magazines.

Estelle Hallyday

Estelle graced the cover of the renowned 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition' in 1993, among other models showcasing new and ultra-fashionable swimwear. Her beauty and professional qualities led her to be listed as one of the '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' by 'People' magazine in 1994. To this day, Estelle holds the title of the 'Most Beautiful Model in the World'. She has also been involved in a jewelry advertising campaign for 'Cartier', highlighting the elegance and sophistication of the precious pieces.

Estelle Hallyday

Brand Collaborations

Estelle collaborates with numerous leading global brands, including 'Christian Dior', 'Lord & Taylor', 'Mixa', 'Revlon', 'Samsung', 'Sanger Harris', 'Thierry Mugler', and 'Vichy'. This list continues to expand as she gains recognition and success in the industry.

Professionalism and Success

Estelle Holliday is known for her professionalism, which she has achieved through continuous hard work. Everyone who has worked with her describes her as a kind and hardworking individual who fully immerses herself in every advertising campaign. Perhaps this dedication to her work is the key to her success. She maintains good relationships with all her employers, never causing scandals or being temperamental like some celebrities.

In 1996, Estelle became the face of the French magazine 'Elle'. The success of the publication led to her being invited to grace the cover of the Swedish edition as well. Currently, she is included in their list of top models, holding the 21st position.

Estelle is married to French musician David Holliday, and together they have two charming daughters, Ilona and Emma. Despite her age, Estelle remains a popular model and continues to explore new facets of her talent.