Etienne Aigner

Etienne Aigner

Fashion designer
Country: France

Biography of Etienne Aigner

Etienne Aigner was born in 1904 in Ersekujvar, Hungary. He moved to Paris at the age of 22 and started working as a bookbinder. However, his interest gradually shifted towards making women's belts, handbags, and other leather accessories. After the war, Aigner's products gained some recognition, and he started supplying handbags to the renowned fashion house Christian Dior. It was Christian Dior who advised the young designer to create something unique and different, disregarding established norms and opinions.

In 1949, Aigner had his debut fashion show, which was a great success. His handbags, which became incredibly popular, eventually made their way to America, and he opened his first boutique in New York City ten years later. Aigner was the first designer to suggest opening accessory departments next to women's clothing sections. Today, Aigner's accessories are known and loved worldwide, representing exclusivity, luxury, and beauty. The products, made from the highest quality leather, are prestigious and practical at the same time. The Aigner brand offers a wide range of items, including bags, suitcases, shoes, belts, scarves, ties, watches, umbrellas, gloves, eyewear, and gifts.

In 1972, 'Etienne Aigner cosmetics GMBH' was established, and its first fragrance was 'Etienne Aigner No. 1.' One distinctive feature of Aigner's perfumes is the presence of leather or suede notes. The most notable fragrance for women is 'Aigner White Women,' a delicate blend of jasmine, tuberose, tiare flower, leather, and musk. The packaging of 'Aigner In Leather' perfume includes genuine leather, and its scent also incorporates a subtle hint of leather. Overall, 'AIGNER' perfumes can confidently be considered a symbol of success.

Etienne Aigner passed away in 2000, and in 2009, his company celebrated the 60th anniversary of the opening of the first 'Etienne Aigner' boutique, releasing a vintage collection for the occasion. The brand's logo, a horseshoe with the founder's initial, represents luck and has become widely recognized.