Evgeniy Savitskiy

Evgeniy Savitskiy

Fighter pilot, air marshal, Hero of the Soviet Union
Date of Birth: 24.12.1910
Country: Russia

Biography of Evgeny Savitsky

Evgeny Yakovlevich Savitsky was a fighter pilot, aviation marshal, and Hero of the Soviet Union. He was born into a railway worker's family and was of Russian nationality. Savitsky joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1931 and enlisted in the Soviet Army in 1929. He graduated from the Military Flight School in 1932 and later commanded an aviation regiment and an aviation division.

Savitsky's first title as a Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to him on May 11, 1944, and he received it for the second time on June 2, 1945. He was also decorated with numerous other orders and medals. After the Great Patriotic War, Savitsky graduated from the General Staff Academy. On May 6, 1961, he was promoted to the rank of aviation marshal. He served as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union and was elected as a candidate for membership in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union at the XXII Party Congress. Currently, Savitsky is engaged in important work in the air defense troops. He is a distinguished military pilot of the USSR.

Evgeny Savitsky's biography is a testament to his achievements and bravery. During the Great Patriotic War, he commanded various aviation units and participated in battles near Moscow, Stalingrad, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Vistula-Oder, East Pomeranian, and Berlin operations. He completed 216 combat flights and personally shot down 22 enemy aircraft, and two more in group combat.

One spring day, Savitsky's landing in difficult weather conditions impressed his fellow pilots. He was known for his skill and precision in flying. He was often recognized by his aircraft's unique flight style and his ability to fly beautifully and skillfully. His passion for flying and his dedication to his duties as a pilot were greatly admired.

During the war, Savitsky longed to be on the front lines and contribute directly to the defense of his homeland. His request to join the active army was delayed, but he continued to closely follow the news of the war. When he finally received orders to protect the airspace around Moscow, he eagerly accepted the opportunity to defend his city and its people.

Savitsky's skills as a pilot and commander were greatly appreciated by his fellow pilots and the soldiers on the ground. He led his unit with determination and courage, setting an example for others. His bravery and heroism inspired the entire aviation corps to achieve great feats.

Throughout the war, Savitsky faced many challenges and dangers. He was wounded during a battle, but he continued to fight until victory was achieved. His leadership during the Battle of Sevastopol and the subsequent operations demonstrated his military expertise and strategic thinking.

In the final battle for Berlin, Savitsky's aviation corps played a crucial role in supporting the advancing troops. His meticulous planning and coordination with the ground forces ensured the success of the operation. Despite the difficulties and intense fighting, Savitsky remained focused and determined.

Evgeny Savitsky's biography is a testament to his exceptional skills as a pilot and his leadership abilities. He played a vital role in defending his country and was recognized as a true hero. His contributions to the Soviet Union will always be remembered and celebrated.