Ewing Thomas Boles

Ewing Thomas Boles

American investment banker and philanthropist
Date of Birth: 04.05.1895
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Young Thomas Bowles
  2. Young Thomas Bowles passed away on November 16, 1992.

Biography of Young Thomas Bowles

Young Thomas Bowles, an American investment banker and philanthropist, was born on May 4, 1895, on a farm near Williamstown, Kentucky. He attended Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, where he played on the college's football team and studied economics and English. He graduated in 1916 and became a member of the local organization called 'Zenophilia', which was a division of the national organization known as 'Phrenocon'. This organization later changed its name to 'Phi Kappa Tau' and became one of Bowles' lifelong volunteer interests.

After attending the University of Kentucky Law School, Bowles joined the United States Navy during World War I and served until the end of the war. Following the war, he worked in various locations, including Chicago, before joining BancOhio Securities Company in 1929, which later became Ohio Company. By 1935, Bowles became the president of the company, a position he held until his retirement in 1965.

Bowles was highly successful in his business endeavors, serving on the boards of directors of over a dozen companies. From 1952 to 1953, he was the president of the Association of Investment Bankers and actively participated in the civic life of his community.

His two major philanthropic projects were Centre College, his alma mater, and the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. He served as the national president of the fraternity from 1916 to 1917 and founded the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation in 1950. Bowles served as the president of the foundation and later became the chairman of the board. In 1982, he significantly boosted the foundation's fundraising campaign by donating one million dollars, the largest gift ever given to a men's or women's Greek-letter society at that time. Bowles was honored as an honorary founder of Phi Kappa Tau in recognition of his lifelong dedication to the fraternity. In 1985, he received the North-American Interfraternity Conference's Gold Medal in recognition of his lifelong loyalty to the fraternity.

At Centre College, Bowles served on the board of directors for many years and was chairman during the 1960s. Several university facilities, including Bowles Hall and the Bowles Pool, were named in his honor, as well as two professorships in history and economics. His older brother, Stanley A. Boles, was a coach and athletic director at the University of Kentucky.

Young Thomas Bowles passed away on November 16, 1992.