Ferdinand 7

Ferdinand 7

King of Spain in 1808 and 1814–33
Date of Birth: 14.10.1784
Country: Spain

  1. Biography of Ferdinand VII of Spain
  2. Exile and Return
  3. Reign and Controversies
  4. Restoration of Absolute Monarchy
  5. Legacy

Biography of Ferdinand VII of Spain

Ferdinand VII of Spain was born on October 14, 1784, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain. He became the King of Spain on March 19, 1808, after the abdication of his father, Charles IV, following a popular uprising against the regent Manuel Godoy. However, his reign was marked by political turmoil and instability.

Exile and Return

Following the occupation of Spain by Napoleon Bonaparte's forces in 1808, Ferdinand VII was forced to abdicate in favor of Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother. He spent the years from 1808 to 1814 in exile in France. After the fall of French domination in Spain in March 1814, Ferdinand VII returned to Spain.

Reign and Controversies

Upon his return, Ferdinand VII surrounded himself with a group of advisors known as the "camarilla," who were accused of interfering in state affairs. Under his rule, Ferdinand VII abolished the reforms and liberal constitution established during the Spanish revolution of 1808-1814. However, amidst a new revolution in 1820, Ferdinand VII was forced to accept the radical constitution of 1812 while also leading the counter-revolutionary camp.

Restoration of Absolute Monarchy

In 1823, with the help of French intervention, Ferdinand VII suppressed the revolution and restored absolute monarchy in Spain. Throughout his reign, Ferdinand VII displayed traits of suspicion, cunning, and a lack of foresight. His mistrust of important figures and his tendency to prioritize his own interests hindered his ability to navigate the country's difficult political and economic situation.


Ferdinand VII's reign was characterized by political turbulence and the suppression of liberal reforms. His reliance on the camarilla and his inability to address the country's challenges ultimately weakened Spain's position on the international stage. Ferdinand VII died on September 29, 1833, in Madrid, Spain.