Fernando Marias

Fernando Marias

Spanish novelist
Country: Spain

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Biography of Fernando Marías

Fernando Marías is a Spanish writer and screenwriter, best known as the recipient of the Nadal Prize in 2001. He moved to Madrid in 1975 with the intention of studying film. He began writing scripts for television, including the popular "hidden pages of history" series (in Spanish, "Páginas ocultas de la historia").

Fernando Marias

In 1990, Marías released his first novel, "Magical Light," which was a great success among readers in Russia. This prompted him to dedicate himself fully to his writing career. He has also worked as a screenwriter for two films: "Magical Light" (2002) and "Second Name" (2003).

Marías is an editor, primarily of fiction books, and an active participant in the "Children of Mary Shelley" project (in Spanish, "Hijos de Mary Shelley"). He has contributed to several anthologies of stories by contemporary Spanish writers, such as "Steampunk" (2012), "Anthology of Spanish Short Stories" (2006), "Stories of Photographs" (2001), and "Bilbao, Warehouse of Fictions" (2000), among others.

In 2007, Marías taught a course titled "Literature and Other Realities" at the Summer Courses of the International University of Andalusia.


Fernando Marías has received several literary awards, including prestigious Spanish literary prizes such as the Nadal Prize (2001), the Seville Ateneo Prize (2005), and the Primavera Novel Prize (2010). Films based on his screenplays have also earned numerous awards, particularly "Magical Light" in 2003, which received four nominations for the Goya Awards and won prizes at film festivals in Montreal, Toulouse, Los Angeles, and Moscow.

Marías has also authored several children's books, including "Prisoners of Zenda," "Biography of the Second Crocodile," "Sky Below," and "The Fabulous Movie Men." His book "Where the Sky Ends" has been translated into Russian and earned him the National Literature Prize for Children and Youth in 2006.