Fiona Paxton

Fiona Paxton

British designer
Country: Great Britain

Biography of Fiona Paxton

Fiona Paxton, a British designer, achieved remarkable success just a year after launching her first line of jewelry. In 2008, she founded her own label, 'Fiona Paxton', showcasing magnificent handmade beaded necklaces and bracelets in various geometric shapes.

Fiona Paxton graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1992, earning a distinction in textile design. Her extensive knowledge and talent helped her secure jobs in New York, London, and Bangkok. She provided consultancy services to various companies, including 'Armani', 'Chloe', 'Moschino', and 'Michiko Koshino'.

As the creative director of Brewster Textile Design Studio, Paxton not only curated color palettes but also tested different jewelry and clothing concepts. She had the ability to forecast upcoming fashion trends, encompassing various styles from vintage to pop culture, from high art-inspired garments to everyday consumer preferences. Paxton consistently outpaced many fashion designers, surprising the industry with her textile products at the beginning of each fashion season.

Her unbeatable combination of satisfying customer desires and creating unique patterns ultimately led to a collection of vibrant beaded necklaces that elegantly adorn the neck and bracelets that bring joy with every movement of the hand. Fiona's jewelry quickly gained global popularity and began selling through renowned retailers such as 'Lane Crawford', 'Liberty', 'Harvey Nichols', and 'Traffic'.

Her exquisite handcrafted pieces received media attention, including features in British and American editions of 'Vogue', 'The New York Times', 'The London Times', 'Marie Claire', and 'Grazia'.

As a frequent traveler, Fiona blended her love for Indian fashion with the iconography of the British punk era in which she grew up. Additionally, she drew inspiration from the conceptual fashion of 1980s Japan and the principles of the German Bauhaus movement. Fiona Paxton managed to create a formula where appealing novelty does not compromise the individuality of each handmade accessory.

Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff, and Isla Fisher have shown their preference for the 'Fiona Paxton' brand.