Franchesko Rutelli

Franchesko Rutelli

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture of Italy
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Francesco Rutelli
  2. Rise to Prominence
  3. Political Successes
  4. Upcoming Elections
  5. Personal Life

Biography of Francesco Rutelli

Francesco Rutelli is an Italian politician who served as the Minister of Culture and Tourism. He began his career as an architect and later entered the world of politics in 1975, joining the Radical Party. After six years, he became the party's secretary. In 1989, Rutelli broke ties with the radicals and joined the Greens. He later became the leader of the Green faction in parliament.

Rise to Prominence

In the mid-1990s, the ruling center-left coalition in Italy decided to rejuvenate its leadership. Francesco Rutelli, then the mayor of Rome, was chosen to represent the coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections. If elected, he would be tasked with forming a new cabinet, currently led by Giuliano Amato.

Political Successes

Francesco Rutelli's political career saw several successes. In 1993, he defeated the leader of the Radical National Alliance, Gianfranco Fini, in the mayoral elections in Rome. Four years later, Rutelli was re-elected in the first round of voting. He also served as the extraordinary commissioner for the preparation and celebration of the Great Jubilee in 2000, strengthening his ties with the Vatican.

Upcoming Elections

Francesco Rutelli's opponent in the upcoming elections will be Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of the right-wing coalition "Pole of Freedom." Berlusconi, a 64-year-old media mogul, previously served as the Prime Minister from May to December 1994.

Personal Life

Francesco Rutelli was in a civil partnership with Barbara Palombelli since 1982. However, five years ago, they formalized their union through a religious marriage ceremony.