Frits Goldschmeding

Frits Goldschmeding

Founder and CEO of Randstad Holding
Date of Birth: 02.08.1933
Country: Netherlands

  1. Biography of Fritz Goldschmeding
  2. Founding of Randstad Holding
  3. Randstad Holding's Success
  4. Growth and Expansion

Biography of Fritz Goldschmeding

Fritz Goldschmeding, a Dutch billionaire, is the founder and CEO of Randstad Holding, the largest employment agency in the Netherlands. He was born on August 2, 1933, in Amsterdam. Goldschmeding studied at the Free University, where he earned an honorary doctoral degree.

Founding of Randstad Holding

Goldschmeding founded Randstad Holding, which has become one of the largest organizations in the human resources field. The company offers a wide range of services to individuals seeking suitable employment based on their abilities and qualifications. With numerous branches located in Europe, North America, and Asia, Randstad Holding is a leader in the industry.

Randstad Holding's Success

Randstad Holding is renowned for its professional approach to employment, providing both job seekers and employers with tailored solutions. The company thoroughly analyzes the market at any given time to offer candidates the opportunities that best suit their needs. Additionally, Randstad Holding offers various courses to enhance the skills and qualifications of its future employees. The company operates under well-known brands such as Randstad, Yacht, Capac Inhouse Services, Tempo-Team, Otter-Westelaken, and Profcore.

Growth and Expansion

Despite already being the largest employment agency, Randstad Holding continues to grow and expand. In December 2007, the company made the decision to acquire the weaker and less competitive company, Vedior, for over three billion dollars. The merger began in April 2008 and is expected to be completed in a few months. Under the leadership of Fritz Goldschmeding, Randstad Holding operates based on its core principles of quality, timeliness, and the ideal match between candidates, employers, and job positions.

Fritz Goldschmeding's personal fortune is estimated to be approximately 3.8 billion dollars, according to Forbes, which ranks him among the wealthiest and most influential individuals on the planet.