Fujiwara Mahito

Fujiwara Mahito

Founder of Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, the oldest hotel in the world
Country: Japan

  1. Founder of Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan
  2. The Oldest Hotel in the World
  3. A Historical Destination
  4. A Royal Connection
  5. A Hidden Gem
  6. A Traditional Experience
  7. Modern Comforts
  8. An Enduring Business

Founder of Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan

Fujivara Mahito is the founder of Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, the oldest hotel in the world with a history spanning 1314 years. He is the son of a close aide to the 38th Japanese Emperor, Tenji.

Fujiwara Mahito

The Oldest Hotel in the World

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, famous for its hot springs, was established by Mahito in Yamanashi Prefecture, Honshu Island in the year 705 AD. This unique establishment has been managed by a single Japanese family for 1314 years and holds the record for being the oldest hotel in the world, according to the Guinness World Records.

Fujiwara Mahito

A Historical Destination

Located amidst the Japanese wilderness, Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has hosted politicians, samurais, shoguns, and military commanders in its 35 rooms throughout its history. If you choose to spend your time at the hotel, you are guaranteed good historical company.

Fujiwara Mahito

A Royal Connection

Fujivara Mahito's claim to the throne is strengthened by the fact that he is the son of an aide to Emperor Tenji. It is likely that several ruling families have stayed at the hotel due to this connection. The hotel gained popularity during wartime periods as its spring water was sought after for relieving muscle pain.

Fujiwara Mahito

A Hidden Gem

Currently, the secluded hotel remains popular among tourists seeking to experience "authentic hot springs." In fact, a new 888-meter well was dug last year on the hotel grounds, providing the highest volume of water for the resort per minute. The hotel also features four outdoor baths with mountain views and two outdoor baths with maximum protection from natural elements. Many of the hotel's amenities, including drinking water and sauna, are also regulated by hot springs.

Fujiwara Mahito

A Traditional Experience

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan retains its traditional charm with tatami mats as flooring and kaiseki, a traditional Japanese meal with multiple courses. Guests are also invited to dress in traditional attire and are expected to remove their outdoor shoes before entering the hotel.

Modern Comforts

While Wi-Fi signal is unavailable inside the hotel, the cost of staying at Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is quite modern. The minimum price for one night's stay for two people, including dinner and breakfast, is 34,720 yen (approximately $330 as of July 2016).

An Enduring Business

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is an interesting subject for studying the longevity of a business. The hotel has undergone minimal changes since its construction, with the last renovation taking place in 1997.