Gabriella Quevedo

Gabriella Quevedo

Swedish fingerstyle guitarist
Date of Birth: 12.01.1997
Country: Sweden

  1. Biography of Gabriella Quevedo
  2. A Life-Changing Encounter
  3. Early Success on YouTube
  4. Rising Popularity and Concerts

Biography of Gabriella Quevedo

Gabriella Quevedo, a Swedish fingerstyle guitarist, is a young talent who has already worked with several music celebrities. Born on January 12, 1997, in Sweden, Gabriella grew up in a musical household. Her father, a guitarist, was always seen with his beloved instrument. Naturally, Gabriella developed a love for listening to her father's guitar solos. At the age of twelve, she decided to try playing the guitar herself and took her father's 'Yamaha' guitar. She quickly discovered that playing the guitar was more fun and continued to learn the instrument on her own.

Gabriella Quevedo

A Life-Changing Encounter

In August 2009, Gabriella stumbled upon a video of the young guitar virtuoso Sungha Jung from South Korea. She fell in love with his fingerstyle technique, which involved playing both accompaniment and melody simultaneously. This discovery completely transformed Gabriella's life. Her parents fully supported her talent and bought her a new 'Yamaha' guitar, just like her father's, but in a shiny black color with a cutout near the neck. Gabriella was thrilled and dedicated several hours every day to practice. She continued to watch videos of Jung and other musical heroes on YouTube.

Gabriella Quevedo

Early Success on YouTube

On January 24, 2010, Gabriella uploaded her first guitar video on YouTube, just one year after she began seriously learning the instrument. Within three months, she made the firm decision to dedicate her life to fingerstyle guitar. In early January 2011, Gabriella received valuable advice from a YouTube friend in Germany. Through the help of this German friend, she managed to contact Sungha Jung through his PR manager, Di Kim. This happened just a few days before Jung was scheduled to perform in Sweden. The German friend suggested that Gabriella should meet Jung and ask to play with him on stage. Gabriella took the advice to heart and seized the opportunity. She met Sungha Jung and his team, and eventually performed on stage with him. It was a fantastic experience that energized Gabriella and propelled her musical career forward.

Gabriella Quevedo

Rising Popularity and Concerts

In 2011, Gabriella's growing popularity on the internet led to several solo concerts, including performances in her hometown. She also had the opportunity to open for the popular young Swedish singer Ulrik Munther. In 2012, another breakthrough awaited Gabriella as she performed at an international concert. On October 26, she played as the opening act for Sungha Jung in Blomberg, Germany. The day before that long-awaited reunion, she shared the stage with Hansel Pethig in Lemgo.

In July 2014, Gabriella appeared on P4 radio, TV4, and gave interviews to several newspapers. That same year, she opened for Munther's concert on the Grand Square in Buros and arranged two of his songs, "Tell the World I'm Here" and "Soldiers." In October, Gabriella was set to perform in Germany, playing with Dirk Schelpmeier in Lemgo and Adam Rafferty in Blomberg.