Galymzhan Zhakiyanov

Galymzhan Zhakiyanov

Politician of Kazakhstan.
Date of Birth: 08.05.1963
Country: Kazakhstan

  1. Biography of Galymzhan Zhakiyanov
  2. Education and Early Career
  3. Political Career
  4. Imprisonment and Later Activities
  5. Personal Life

Biography of Galymzhan Zhakiyanov

Galymzhan Zhakiyanov is a Kazakhstani politician. He was born on May 8, 1963, in the village of Kuigan in the Eastern Kazakhstan region. His father, Badylzhan Zhakiyanov, was a World War II veteran and worked as a director of a state farm and chairman of a collective farm. His mother, Rash Zhakiyanova, was an accountant.

Education and Early Career

Zhakiyanov graduated from the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman in 1986, with a degree in mechanical engineering. He later obtained a candidate of economic sciences degree in 1999. His doctoral dissertation focused on housing and communal reform in the Semipalatinsk region.

After completing his studies, Zhakiyanov worked as a workshop master and secretary of the Komsomol Committee at the Semipalatinsk Machine-Building Plant from 1986 to 1989. He then served as the director of a commercial firm called "Toman" from 1990 to 1992. From 1992 to 1994, he was the CEO of the financial-industrial group "Semey." In 1994, he became the head of the Semipalatinsk Regional Administration, later known as the governor of the region.

Political Career

In 1997, Zhakiyanov was appointed as the chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Strategic Resources Control. He held this position until 2001 when he became the governor of the Pavlodar region. However, he was dismissed from his position due to his involvement in the creation of the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan (DVK) movement.

In November 2001, Zhakiyanov, along with other prominent politicians, businessmen, and government officials, became one of the initiators of the DVK, a republican public association. He was elected as the chairman of the DVK movement in 2002.

Imprisonment and Later Activities

In August 2002, Zhakiyanov was sentenced to seven years in prison for exceeding his official powers. International human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, considered Zhakiyanov a political prisoner and criticized the political motivation behind his trial. He was released on parole in 2006.

Since 2006, Zhakiyanov has been the chairman of the board of trustees of the Civil Society Public Fund. He has also been involved in business activities in the mining sector outside of Kazakhstan since 2008.

Personal Life

Zhakiyanov is married to Karlygash Kadesovna, a history teacher who has been actively involved in public activities and has led the charitable foundation "Balauza" to support gifted children. She also joined the DVK movement in 2002 and headed the foundation for the protection of political prisoners called "Pravosoznanie."

Zhakiyanov and his wife have two sons. Berik, born in 1985, graduated from the University of Texas and works as an engineer in the corporation "Chevron" in the United States. Elezhan, born in 1993, is a student at Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts, USA.