Gene Upshaw

Gene Upshaw

American football player, defender.
Date of Birth: 15.08.1945
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Gene Upshaw
  2. Early Life and College
  3. Football Career
  4. Post-Football Career
  5. Legacy and Death

Biography of Gene Upshaw

Gene Upshaw was an American football player and defender, as well as a prominent figure in the American Football Association. He was born on August 15, 1945, in Robstown, Texas, United States.

Gene Upshaw

Early Life and College

After graduating from high school, Gene attended Texas Kingsville College A&T, where he became a member of the Alpha Psi Alpha fraternity. This fraternity was the first of its kind for African Americans in America.

Football Career

While studying in college, Gene started playing football for the Oakland Raiders and remained with the team for his entire fifteen-year career. He achieved three Super Bowl victories in 1967, 1976, and 1980, making him the only player in American football history to accomplish such a feat with the same team. In 1969, Gene Upshaw was selected for the All-Star team.

Post-Football Career

Even after retiring from professional football, Gene Upshaw remained involved in the sport. He became an active member of the American Football Players Association and, in 1987, became the chairman of the union committee. He held this position until his death in 2008.

Legacy and Death

On August 17, 2008, Gene Upshaw passed away after being diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer. His bust and football memorabilia are displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In the 2008-2009 season, no player wore the number "63" on their jersey in honor of the great player. The field of his beloved team features huge numbers "63" in memory of him. Throughout his life, Gene Upshaw had a strong connection to the number "63" – his jersey number, college graduation year, and the age at which he passed away.