Georges Daoust

Georges Daoust

Canadian entrepreneur, hunter.
Country: Canada

  1. Georges Dau: Canadian Entrepreneur and Hunter
  2. From Hunting to Business
  3. The Canadian Crocodile Dundee
  4. A Life of Adventures
  5. Future Plans

Georges Dau: Canadian Entrepreneur and Hunter

Georges Dau, a Canadian entrepreneur and hunter, has dedicated his life to the pursuit of wild animals. Over the past 40 years, Dau has personally taken down representatives of more than 300 different species.

From Hunting to Business

Having honed his skills as a businessman over the years, Dau eventually grew tired of the pursuit of money and sought out more interesting prey. Surprisingly, hunting wild animals turned out to be a fascinating activity for him. He collects his trophies in his home, which has essentially become a museum. Lions, elephants, giraffes, and walruses are just a few of the animals that have fallen victim to Dau's accurate shots. The total value of his hunting museum's exhibits is estimated to be around £5.3 million.

The Canadian Crocodile Dundee

Georges Dau is often referred to as the "Canadian Crocodile Dundee" due to his unusual obsession. He believes he has been extremely fortunate in life, as few men are able to accumulate enough wealth for such expeditions by the age of 75 and maintain enough health to make these journeys meaningful. Dau does not complain about the lack of money or physical strength.

A Life of Adventures

Dau's first kill was a caribou on the shores of Lake Caniapiscau in northern Quebec. He then went on two expeditions in British Columbia before growing tired of Canada and deciding to venture into Africa. However, his adventures did not stop there, as Dau has since traveled to 40 countries around the world. His most vivid experiences were in Tanzania, where he narrowly escaped being trampled by a hippopotamus. Experienced hunters would attest that these animals are far from harmless, as they can attack anyone who unknowingly crosses their path while returning from a night stroll.

Future Plans

Georges Dau has no intention of stopping anytime soon, as he has many plans for the future. He intends to visit Ghana, where his collection could be enriched with the head of a royal antelope, and embark on a journey through South Africa. Eventually, the time will come for Dau to hang up his gun, but until then, the entrepreneur plans to amass as many trophies as possible.