Georgiy Georgievsky

Georgiy Georgievsky

Performer of original song, author of poetry
Date of Birth: 29.04.1958
Country: Latvia

Georgy Georgievsky: Singer, Poet, and Member of the Union of Russian Writers in Estonia

Georgy Georgievsky is a singer, poet, and member of the Union of Russian Writers in Estonia. He has been living in the city of Jõhvi, Estonia, since 1960. Throughout his career, he has worked as a sports coach, journalist, and employee of the cultural center "Polisvetie". Since 2009, he has been a freelance writer.

Themes of His Songs and Poems

Georgy Georgievsky's works cover a wide range of themes including spiritual verses, lyrics, epics, historical songs, poetic mythology, satire, and fairy tales. His creativity knows no bounds as he explores various genres and styles within his songs and poems.