Gerald DeGerolamo

Gerald DeGerolamo

Accused of robbery
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Gerald DeGerolamo
  2. The Attempted Robbery
  3. The Court Proceedings

Biography of Gerald DeGerolamo

Gerald DeGerolamo, a 67-year-old accused criminal, is currently the main defendant in a trial held in the Manhattan Criminal Court. Known as a member of the Luchese crime family, DeGerolamo has a history of involvement in criminal activities, including a previous accusation of stealing money from armored trucks.

The Attempted Robbery

DeGerolamo is currently charged with attempting to steal an engagement ring from David Cushman. However, DeGerolamo denies the allegations brought against him. Through the online platform Craigslist, DeGerolamo contacted Cushman, a 31-year-old man who intended to sell his former fiancée's engagement ring. The two met multiple times to discuss the details of the transaction and agreed upon a price.

On December 26, 2010, they arranged to meet in front of 125 Christopher St. DeGerolamo had his own plans for the meeting. When Cushman presented the ring, DeGerolamo sprayed him in the face with a gas canister, snatched the valuable item, and attempted to flee. However, despite the effects of the gas, Cushman refused to let go of his property. After a short but intense chase, Cushman managed to apprehend DeGerolamo.

The Court Proceedings

During the trial, DeGerolamo attempted to portray himself as the victim, citing a broken nose, several stitches, and eye damage. Indeed, he appeared in court with a bandage on his nose. However, the jury was unlikely to sympathize with him, given the information already known to the court. DeGerolamo had a history of criminal activity, including an attempted robbery of a woman. It is worth noting that his previous victim also sold valuable rings through Craigslist, the same online platform that featured in the case of Philip Markoff, another notorious robber who targeted victims on the same website.