Giorgio Pantano

Giorgio Pantano

Formula 1 racer
Date of Birth: 04.02.1979
Country: Italy

  1. Giorgio Pantano: A Formula 1 Driver with Money Troubles
  2. Dispute Over Sponsorship
  3. A Failed Compromise
  4. Eddie Jordan's Hopeful Words
  5. Pantano's Stalemate

Giorgio Pantano: A Formula 1 Driver with Money Troubles

Formula 1 driver Giorgio Pantano is preparing to compete in the US Grand Prix, although the issue of money has not been resolved yet. At least, the officials from Jordan are silent about it. Pantano is determined to participate in the upcoming US Grand Prix, but it is unclear how he will be able to settle the payment issues for his own "joyrides," especially since nothing has progressed so far.

Dispute Over Sponsorship

A week ago, a dispute arose between Pantano's manager and his own father regarding who should be looking for sponsors for Pantano. Each side was trying to gain the upper hand. Pantano's father managed to find some money and wanted to invest it in his child's career. However, the manager became greatly agitated, as he believed this was the first step towards his own removal, and vetoed the use of this money. Apparently, by the start of the Canadian Grand Prix, the manager did not have the means to pay for his client's performances. Neither side was willing to back down, and Eddie Jordan figuratively took the wheel away from Pantano, promising to give it back in exchange for sponsorship money.

A Failed Compromise

On Saturday, no compromise was found, and according to rumors, the dialogue between the two "nannies" was already getting heated. Jordan was already submitting Timo Glock's application to the race organizers. In the end, the gentlemen argued to the point that Pantano did not start the race, consequently missing the race itself and the two points that Glock scored. It couldn't have been worse.

Eddie Jordan's Hopeful Words

After the end of the Grand Prix, Eddie Jordan assured everyone that he would be happy to see Pantano on the start line of the US GP, and the whole team, supposedly, also longed for his return. At the same time, the Irishman did not forget to check the team's bank account - whether anyone had transferred any money there. He still checks to this day. The problem is that both Mr. Giuseppe Pantano, who has the pleasure of being Giorgio's father, and Mr. Lars-Christian Brasch, who volunteered to be the driver's manager, forgot a wise and ancient parable. In short, the essence of the parable is a dispute between two women, each claiming that a certain child was born to her. King Solomon, looking at the whole mess, ordered the child to be divided in half between each of them (literally, one half belonged to one woman, and the rest to the other). As a result, the real mother was determined, who said, "do not cut (the child), give it to her." The second woman was recognized as an impostor because she calmly said, "cut it," and was promptly expelled from the courtroom, so to speak.

Pantano's Stalemate

Pantano finds himself in a similar situation. While the big bosses argue about who is right and who is to blame, Giorgio is sitting in the paddocks, and he will not start until they (the great disputants and entrepreneurs) find a compromise. We can't believe that it is advantageous for any of them to interrupt Pantano's racing career in this way. Or perhaps they are waiting for Eddie Jordan to play the honorable and responsible role of King Solomon (especially since he already has a beard and plenty of wisdom). However, Eddie might not wait for the protesting cries of the parties and "cut the baby" himself, meaning he could fire Pantano.