Gordey Kolesov

Gordey Kolesov

Country: China

  1. Biography of Gordey Kolesov
  2. Gifted Linguist and Calligrapher
  3. Multi-talented Musician and Chess Player
  4. Television Appearance and Recognition
  5. An Unconventional Childhood and Global Understanding

Biography of Gordey Kolesov

Gordey Kolesov, a six-year-old boy, recently gained international attention for his extraordinary talent and performance in China. Born and raised in China, Gordey's father, Evgeny Kolesov, is a prominent businessman and the CEO of Optim Consult, a company based in Guangzhou. Evgeny is well-known in the blogosphere and social media for his materials about China, where he shares insights about the country's traditions, history, and business.

Gordey Kolesov

Gifted Linguist and Calligrapher

Gordey's linguistic abilities surpass mere fluency in Russian and Chinese. He also speaks the dialect of Guangzhou and has a deep understanding of ancient Chinese poetry, particularly the works of the Song Dynasty poet, Su Shi. Gordey has already mastered 555 Chinese idioms, which add expressiveness and depth to his language. Furthermore, he diligently practices the intricate art of Chinese calligraphy and even won an award in the First Chinese Calligraphy Competition in 2015, impressing the audience and receiving the sympathy prize from Dmitry Mezentsev, the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the leaders of the "People's Daily" publishing house.

Multi-talented Musician and Chess Player

Aside from his linguistic prowess, Gordey is also a talented musician and chess player. He competes in chess tournaments and recently obtained the second rank in chess during the New Year festivities. Additionally, he sings and plays the guitar, showcasing his artistic abilities. His artistic talent extends to drawing, as he secured second place in an international Russian-Chinese children's drawing competition.

Television Appearance and Recognition

Gordey's impressive skills have gained him wider recognition through the online platform of his father, Evgeny. Together, they share videos of Gordey reciting poems by Russian and Chinese poets, singing, and playing musical instruments. As a result, he was invited to appear on CCTV-1, China's central television channel. With confidence and ease, Gordey interacted with the hosts, introducing himself as E Wei Go in Chinese and showcasing his linguistic abilities. He also explained a rare Chinese idiom and performed a self-accompanied song. His performance won the sympathy of the audience and received coverage in the central Chinese newspaper, "People's Daily."

An Unconventional Childhood and Global Understanding

Gordey's extraordinary talents owe much to his early development and the attention given to him by his family. Many people have commended the positive impact that children like Gordey have in fostering mutual understanding between different cultures. However, there were mixed reactions when Gordey expressed his desire to live in China in the future, as he has lived there since birth. It is important to consider his age and upbringing when interpreting his preference. Nonetheless, Gordey's exceptional abilities will undoubtedly give him the opportunity to make an informed choice about where to live and utilize his talents in the future.