Grigorij Verevka

Grigorij Verevka

Ukrainian composer and choral conductor
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Hryhoriy Verevka
  2. The General of Folk Songs
  3. A Fighter for Socialist Ideals
  4. Controversial Legacy

Biography of Hryhoriy Verevka

Hryhoriy Huryovych Verevka (1895-1964) was a Ukrainian composer and choral conductor, honored artist of Ukraine (1960). He was the organizer and leader of the Ukrainian State Folk Choir, which was later named after him in 1965. Verevka was also a professor at the Kiev Conservatory starting from 1947. He was awarded the State Prize of the USSR in 1948.

The General of Folk Songs

Hryhoriy Huryovych Verevka was not only a general of folk songs, but also a prominent figure in the Soviet choral scene, particularly in Ukraine. He had a remarkable journey, starting from lower ranks and leading amateur choral activities, to eventually becoming a renowned professor with a choir bearing his name.

A Fighter for Socialist Ideals

Verevka was not only an organizer of the Ukrainian State Folk Choir, but also a folklorist and chairman of the Composers' Union of the Ukrainian SSR during the difficult years of the struggle for socialist ideals against enemies, from 1948 to 1952. However, due to his excessive enthusiasm and loud criticism of formalism, he was later dismissed.

Controversial Legacy

Verevka's works, which are considered milestones in Soviet culture, exhibit a strikingly loyal and patriotic style, characterized by naive and simplistic imagery. Today, they may appear absurd, such as the song "Girls from Donbass" - which is not yet the limit. One of Verevka's masterpieces is the song "Under the Banner of October," which epitomizes the loud and unattractive Soviet style.