Haley Bennett

Haley Bennett

American actress
Date of Birth: 07.01.1988
Country: USA

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  5. 2007 - "Music and Lyrics"
  6. 2008 - "College"
  7. 2008 - "The Haunting of Molly Hartley"
  8. 2008 - "Marley & Me"
  9. 2009 - "Gates"
  10. 2009 - "Passage"
  11. 2010 - "Ba-bah"
  12. 2014 - "Lost Arcade"
  13. 2015 - "Gates in 3D"
  14. 2016 - "The Magnificent Seven"
  15. 2016 - "The Girl on the Train"

Biography of Hailey Bennett

Hailey Bennett, an American actress, was born in sunny Florida in January 1988. However, she spent only her early years in the town of Fort Myers. Her family moved to Ohio, specifically to the city of Stow, where Hailey completed high school. After that, her parents returned to their hometown of Fort Myers, where Hailey started attending a music school and taking acting lessons. Acting captivated Hailey Bennett so much that she decided to dedicate her entire life to it. Her mother supported her and in 2005, when Hailey graduated from high school, they both moved to Los Angeles, closer to the factory of dreams.

Haley Bennett


Hailey Bennett's debut turned out to be brilliant. Two years after moving to Los Angeles, she was invited to the Anglo-American musical comedy "Music and Lyrics". This was a real stroke of luck, or rather - a ticket to Hollywood. After all, in this film by director Mark Lawrence, the main characters were played by real stars of American cinema, Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. Bennett's musical abilities proved to be very useful. All the characters in the comedy sang, and Hailey was no exception. After the release of this hit film, the talented young woman was noticed. Her image appeared in the popular magazine GQ, and a record label signed a contract with her. The aspiring actress and singer began working on her debut album. Soon, Hailey switched from light comedic roles to more challenging work. She was offered the role of the heroine in the mystical thriller "The Haunting of Molly Hartley". Notably, in this project, she landed her first leading role. Hailey Bennett had to portray a girl on screen who suffers from the attacks of her mentally unstable mother. But after some time, the daughter notices signs of illness in herself. To get into character, the actress had to prepare extensively. Critics highly praised Bennett's work. She solidified her position in the movie industry after the release of the family tragicomedy "Marley & Me". This wonderful project from director David Frankel, who became internationally known for his film "The Devil Wears Prada", helped Hailey take another step forward in her career. Hailey Bennett's cinematic biography rapidly developed in an upward direction. New projects that were warmly received by critics and audiences included films such as "Lost Arcade", "Gates in 3D", "Ba-bah", and "The Great Equalizer". In 2016, fans of this talented Hollywood actress were treated to two new projects worth attention - "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Girl on the Train". Today, Hailey is one of the most promising young stars of Hollywood, and people eagerly await her new blockbusters.

Haley Bennett

Personal Life

Hailey Bennett describes her path to success in Hollywood as challenging and winding. She claims that many of her colleagues, with whom she started, were more talented than her but failed to achieve success due to fear and constraint. Some dropped out because they became distracted by other things. Therefore, Hailey Bennett's personal life is currently pushed far into the background, as her profession cannot tolerate distractions. The star has many fans and is often seen with beautiful companions. However, there is no news of any serious relationship or even an infatuation at the moment. In her free time, the actress loves listening to music, singing, and dancing. It is said that she is incredibly talented at all of these.

Haley Bennett


2007 - "Music and Lyrics"

2008 - "College"

2008 - "The Haunting of Molly Hartley"

2008 - "Marley & Me"

2009 - "Gates"

2009 - "Passage"

2010 - "Ba-bah"

2014 - "Lost Arcade"

2015 - "Gates in 3D"

2016 - "The Magnificent Seven"

2016 - "The Girl on the Train"