Henry Middleton

Henry Middleton

US Envoy to Russia
Date of Birth: 09.1770Год
Country: Great Britain

Biography of Henry Middleton

Henry Middleton was born in London in September 1770. His parents were traveling through Europe at the time, but they returned home to South Carolina after the birth of their son. Henry received a good education at home and in 1786, he was sent to study in Great Britain.

In 1800, Middleton completed his education and returned to the United States. Two years later, he was elected to the House of Representatives for the state of South Carolina. In 1810, he was elected to the State Senate, but in December of the same year, he became the governor. Middleton served in this position for only two years and then took a leave of absence at his estate until 1815.

From 1815 to 1819, Henry Middleton served as a member of the United States House of Representatives. Following his tenure in Congress, he spent the next ten years in Russia as a diplomat, holding the position of envoy. He set a record for the longest-serving diplomat, a record that still stands today. Historians attribute his lengthy term to his personal financing of the American mission, using his own resources to fund its needs.

During his time in Russia, Middleton was able to establish good relations with the Russian leadership and successfully negotiate trade and border agreements for the Northwest coast of North America, greatly benefiting the United States.

Upon his return to his homeland, Middleton engaged in party activities and founded and led the small South Carolina Union Party. In his later years, Henry Middleton retreated from politics and spent his time at his estate. He passed away in 1846.