Hisham Elzanaty

Hisham Elzanaty

American businessman of Egyptian origin.
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Hisham Elzanaty
  2. Involvement in the New York Islamic Center Project
  3. Support for the Islamic Center
  4. Personal Tragedy

Biography of Hisham Elzanaty

Hisham Elzanaty is an American businessman of Egyptian origin. He currently leads a number of clinics in New York and is actively involved in real estate investments.

Hisham Elzanaty

Involvement in the New York Islamic Center Project

Elzanaty gained public attention due to his involvement in the recent scandal surrounding the Islamic Center project in New York. The construction of a 13-story Islamic Center and mosque in New York has been delayed indefinitely, as one of the main investors in the project has expressed his willingness to sell any part of his stake in the construction site if offered a fair price. Elzanaty stated that by providing a significant portion of the project's financing, he believes he has the right to seek maximum profit. The estimated cost of the entire project, excluding the necessary funds for the center's proper functioning, was approximately $100 million. A year earlier, a real estate agency purchased half of the site for $4.8 million, and now Elzanaty claims to have been offered three times that amount for the other half. Elzanaty also mentioned his willingness to negotiate with anyone who offers a more substantial sum. However, the representatives of the organization leading the construction have not confirmed whether Elzanaty indeed holds a significant share in the project. It is also unclear whether Elzanaty would need the consent of the other investors or if he can independently decide the fate of the disputed territory. The entire construction process is complex, involving various organizations with different goals.

Support for the Islamic Center

Elzanaty, despite not being opposed to the construction of the Islamic Center, prefers to see a large religious center instead of multiple smaller and often economically challenged places of worship. However, he is not willing to make significant financial sacrifices to support the construction. Some criticize the project's ideologists, including Elzanaty himself, for choosing an inappropriate location so close to the ruins of the World Trade Center. They argue that a Muslim temple should not stand in such proximity. Elzanaty strongly disagrees with this view.

Personal Tragedy

It is possible that Elzanaty's own parents were victims of terrorism. They were aboard the EgyptAir flight that crashed into the ocean in 1999. At the time, US authorities claimed that the co-pilot intentionally steered the plane into the ocean, while Egyptians blamed a mechanical defect in the aircraft's construction.