Stephen Karp

Stephen Karp

Businessman, founder of New England Development.
Country: USA

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  2. Business Ventures
  3. Achievements and Influence
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Biography of Stephen Carp

Stephen Carp, an American businessman, is the founder of "New England Development" company. Born in 1940, he is currently residing in Weston, Massachusetts. Stephen is married and has two children. His source of wealth is primarily real estate, with his net worth estimated at $1 billion in 2008.

Business Ventures

Stephen Carp began his career in the late 1960s and became a leading developer of various retail, entertainment, and business centers. In 1978, he established "New England Development" which has since become a prominent construction company in the Northeastern United States. The company currently owns over 25 million square feet of commercial space in the country's most visited shopping centers. Over the years, the company has successfully completed numerous construction projects, including shopping centers, office buildings, premium residential complexes, and high-quality hotels.

Achievements and Influence

With three decades of experience in the real estate market, "New England Development" has achieved a leading position in terms of constructed structures. Working closely with residents, investors, tenants, and authorities, the company has built unique facilities that are not only visually appealing but also practical and functional. The residential complexes constructed by "New England Development" are known for their high quality and prestige. These buildings incorporate innovative and advanced technologies in the field of construction and architecture. Currently, the brand "New England" is synonymous with success and prosperity.

Additional Roles and Contributions

In addition to his primary role at "New England Development," Stephen Carp holds several prominent positions in other companies. He is currently a board member of "Greater Boston Real Estate" and the "Urban Land Institute." He has also served as chairman and trustee council member of the International Council of Shopping Centers. Stephen Carp is the chairman of the Boston Children's Hospital and a board member of the Belmont Hill School. He also serves on the board of Newton-Wellesley Hospital and the director's board of "Not Your Average Joe's" company. Additionally, he is involved in the management of institutions such as Union College, Smart Association, New England Aquarium, and Children's Hospital Trust.