Honey Bane

Honey Bane

English singer and actress
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Honey Bane
  2. Introduction
  3. Early Career
  4. Collaboration with Crass
  5. Solo Career and Success
  6. Acting Career
  7. Later Years

Biography of Honey Bane


Honey Bane is an English singer and actress, best known for her 1981 single "Turn Me On Turn Me Off". Her musical career started in 1978 when she formed the punk rock band "Fatal Microbes" at the age of 14.

Honey Bane

Early Career

In 1978, "Fatal Microbes" released their first record, a collaboration with the anarcho-punk group "Poison Girls". Their debut single, "Violence Grows", gained attention from the press and received positive reviews, including from the renowned British music publication "Sounds". However, the band disbanded in 1979, and Bane was sent to a corrective institution for juveniles.

Honey Bane

Collaboration with Crass

After serving her sentence, Bane met with the band "Crass". She worked as a backing vocalist and performed with the support group known as "Donna and the Kebabs". In 1980, they released their first joint project, the EP "You Can Be You". The same year, Bane provided vocals for the song "What's the Matter" by "Killing Joke", which was later released as part of the LP "Killing Joke - Live At The Venue".

Solo Career and Success

In 1980, Bane met "Sham 69" vocalist Jimmy Pursey, who became her manager. She signed a five-year contract with "EMI/Zonophone records", and in 1981, her major hit single "Turn Me On Turn Me Off" was released. It reached the 37th position on the UK Singles Chart, and Bane even performed it on the popular television show "Top of the Pops". The success of "Turn Me On Turn Me Off" marked Bane's transition from punk rock to new wave. Unfortunately, she was unable to replicate this success with subsequent singles, and her musical career gradually declined.

Acting Career

In 1982, Bane appeared in Chris Ward's play "Demonstration of Affection". A year later, she landed a significant role in Mai Zetterling's film "Scrubbers". However, she did not receive any notable acting opportunities after that.

Later Years

During the late 1980s, Bane worked as a model to support herself and appeared in erotic publications. In the 1990s, she performed with the band "Dog's Tooth Violet". In 2008, she had the opportunity to act in Chris Ward's short film "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor".