Hubert Van Eyck

Hubert Van Eyck

Flemish painter
Country: Belgium

  1. Biography of Hubert van Eyck
  2. Introduction to Painting
  3. The Ghent Altarpiece
  4. An Accomplished Painter

Biography of Hubert van Eyck

Hubert van Eyck was a Flemish painter of the Northern Renaissance period. He was the older brother of Jan van Eyck, whom he taught the art of painting. Hubert lived in Ghent from the early 1420s.

Introduction to Painting

Hubert van Eyck is renowned as a Flemish painter of the Northern Renaissance. He is best known as the teacher of his younger brother, Jan van Eyck, who achieved much greater fame than Hubert. Not much is known about his life, and his name is often mentioned in connection with the altarpiece of the St. Bavo's Church, which is his most notable work. However, recent studies have raised doubts about his involvement in the creation of this altarpiece, suggesting that Hubert may have initiated the work but Jan completed it.

The Ghent Altarpiece

The Ghent Altarpiece holds significant importance as it marked a new chapter in the history of Dutch visual arts. It is worth noting that this masterpiece is particularly exceptional for the early 15th century, during the Northern Renaissance, which differed significantly from Italian art. A more detailed description of this altarpiece can be found on Jan van Eyck's page.

An Accomplished Painter

Although Jan van Eyck surpassed his older brother in terms of fame and recognition, Hubert was an excellent painter in his own right. It is worth acknowledging that Jan learned a great deal from him and built upon his teachings.

Overall, Hubert van Eyck played a significant role in the development of Flemish painting during the Northern Renaissance. Despite being overshadowed by his younger brother, his contributions to the art world should not be overlooked.