Jim Davis

Jim Davis

Head of the largest shoe company "New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc"
Country: USA

Biography of Jim Davis

Jim Davis is a renowned American entrepreneur, billionaire, and the head of the largest footwear company, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $2.0 billion, according to Forbes magazine, which ranked Davis as one of the most influential and wealthy individuals on the planet.

Currently, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc (NBAS) is headquartered in Boston. The company's history dates back to 1906 when it was known as the New Balance Arch Support Company and specialized in manufacturing orthopedic footwear. Despite avoiding flashy advertising campaigns, the organization has managed to reach unprecedented heights. Today, it is a global leading enterprise that produces exceptional sports shoes. The company manufactures footwear not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom for the European market.

The company was originally founded by William Riley, a 33-year-old immigrant from England. In 1934, Arthur Hall, a leading salesman of the company, became Riley's partner and began promoting the products to new markets. In 1956, Hall handed over the reins to his daughter Eleanor and her husband. As a result of their productive efforts, the Trackster sneakers were introduced in 1961, which later became highly sought after and innovative.

In 1972, Jim Davis acquired the company, coinciding with the day of the Boston Marathon. At that time, the company consisted of only six individuals producing thirty pairs of shoes per day. In 1978, Jim's wife, Ann, joined the company, and the couple committed themselves to producing the best sports shoes in the world. Considering that Boston had become the "running" capital during that period, Jim Davis' sports shoes gained extraordinary demand. The company's production line expanded, and sales skyrocketed. The company flourished and finally transformed into a leading firm producing high-quality sports footwear. For example, today, thirty percent of all sports shoes sold in the European market are manufactured in England at New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.