Joby Matthew

Joby Matthew

Indian arm wrestler is just over a meter tall
Country: India

  1. Biography of Joby Matthew
  2. A Difficult Childhood
  3. Discovering Arm Wrestling
  4. Rise to Fame
  5. Success in Arm Wrestling
  6. Unlimited Potential

Biography of Joby Matthew

Joby Matthew, an Indian arm wrestler, was born in 1978 in the state of Kerala, India. Despite his height of around 107 cm, which made him almost half the size of his opponents, he became a world champion in arm wrestling and won three bronze medals in different disciplines in Japan in 2005.

Joby Matthew

A Difficult Childhood

From a young age, Joby's legs did not develop properly, making it difficult for him to walk. His parents had to carry him or push him in a wheelchair wherever he went. Joby grew up realizing that he was different from others, and he aspired to be at least as good as everyone else. Determined to overcome his physical limitations, Joby started training diligently. Since he couldn't improve his underdeveloped legs, he focused on strengthening his arms.

Joby Matthew

Discovering Arm Wrestling

Although Joby loved football and wished to play, it was not accessible to him due to his condition. While his peers played, he sat on the sidelines, enviously watching them. However, Joby eventually discovered badminton and then arm wrestling. Arm wrestling became everything to him as he could compete with "normal" people and, most importantly, defeat them. This boosted his self-confidence, and his classmates began to respect him for being stronger than any of them.

Joby Matthew

Rise to Fame

Despite Joby's final height stopping around 107 cm, he continued to dream of playing football, riding a bicycle, and horseback riding. He first became the best wrestler in his class, then in his entire school, and soon his unheard-of strength became known in the district. Joby trained daily in the gym and also engaged in swimming and acrobatics. Spectators were amazed when they saw him perform one-arm push-ups or incredible handstands.

Success in Arm Wrestling

In 2005, Joby represented India in the World Arm Wrestling Championship in Japan, where he won three bronze medals in three different disciplines. Today, Joby Matthew is a celebrity, appearing on TV shows and being featured in articles. In his interviews, he always acknowledges the support and love he received from his parents and family. Their warmth and encouragement helped him overcome moments of despair.

Unlimited Potential

Joby does not consider himself limited but believes that we all have limitations in some way. Despite his legs being 60% underdeveloped, he has achieved what he desired. He continues his daily training in the gym, swimming, and recently started mountaineering. His current dream is to conquer Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.