John Von Achen

John Von Achen

Lecturer, business coach, consultant
Country: USA

  1. John Von Aiken: Biography
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Noteworthy Clients
  4. Professional Accomplishments
  5. Literary Contributions
  6. Latest Work

John Von Aiken: Biography

John Von Aiken is a renowned lecturer, business trainer, and consultant. He is the founder of SALESolutions, a company specializing in the practical application and adaptation of management efficiency systems at the highest level. Von Aiken has expertise in areas such as franchising, retail and wholesale trade, key client management, and sales performance improvement.

John Von Achen

Early Life and Career

John Von Aiken was born, raised, and educated in Orlando, Florida, USA. He began his career as a business development strategist in his hometown. In the early 1990s, Von Aiken received an offer to conduct a series of business seminars in the Baltic states, which marked the beginning of his involvement in reorganization projects for corporate management in Russia and the CIS countries. During this time, he also founded a personnel recruitment company called FAST PEOPLE, which remains a leader in the outsourcing industry for talent acquisition and management in the Baltic countries.

John Von Achen

Noteworthy Clients

Von Aiken's expertise has attracted numerous notable companies, including Fortune 500 companies like 1C Rarus, VSK, Henderson, Microsoft, IBM, Oriflame, Nestle, Toyota, McDonald's, Yudashkin Jeans, General Electric, Rambler, and many others. He has successfully completed over 170 projects for large foreign, Russian, and CIS companies.

John Von Achen

Professional Accomplishments

As an accomplished author, Von Aiken has developed more than 120 training programs and seminars. His training sessions have been attended by over 120,000 individuals from 40 countries worldwide. He is widely recognized as an outstanding speaker and has conducted over 10,000 hours of public speaking engagements. In recent years, Von Aiken has pioneered "anti-crisis" practical workshops and programs that offer unique solutions for crisis management, cost optimization, and specific anti-crisis techniques. These programs can be customized to meet the needs and characteristics of each client, city, country, or market.

Literary Contributions

John Von Aiken is a globally recognized author of books on personal development. Alongside printed publications, he has also published audiobooks such as "Your 25th Hour" and "The Matryoshka Effect." Many of his books have become bestsellers in multiple countries. In 2005, Von Aiken founded a media company specializing in the production and distribution of audiobooks under the brand 1 Hour Expert. He has written approximately 40 books covering topics such as sales, marketing, management, leadership, personal growth, success, and prosperity. Von Aiken's works are not merely instructional manuals or strictly academic literature. They are written in an engaging and humorous style, offering practical advice and new ideas that are closely aligned with the realities of modern business.

Latest Work

Von Aiken's most recent literary contribution is the book titled "CRISIS: Surviving! A Handbook for Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners." This book aims to help leaders and business owners effectively restructure their businesses, minimize losses during crises, retain customers, and maintain the company's reputation. The book has gained immense popularity, establishing Von Aiken as a leading "crisis expert" of today.