Johnny Strange

Johnny Strange

British record-breaking performance artist, producer and stuntman.
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Johnny Strange
  2. Early Career
  3. International Performances
  4. Record-Breaking Feats
  5. Unique Sword Swallowing Stunt

Biography of Johnny Strange

Johnny Strange is a British performer, record holder, producer, and stuntman. He is widely known as the "Man with Iron Ears" for his daring stunts and incredible feats.

Johnny Strange

Early Career

After studying the works of Harry Houdini, Johnny Strange began his career as a circus artist specializing in escapology. He became skilled at escaping from chains, handcuffs, and ropes. He also learned the art of juggling with running chainsaws, cracking whips at targets, and lifting weights attached to his ears. Additionally, he mastered the manipulation of various tools. Johnny performed classical intermezzos and dangerous fakir acts, including sword swallowing, "nailing" nails into his nose and lying on them, walking on broken glass, and eating fire and glass. Pushing the boundaries of his stunts, Strange swallowed a magnet and then lowered a sword into his stomach to retrieve the magnet. He also swallowed a luminous glass neon tube, allowing spectators to see inside his body. Johnny also swallowed bent and wavy blades, quickly removing his hands from bear traps seconds before they snapped shut, and demonstrated remarkable accuracy in shooting.

Johnny Strange

International Performances

Johnny Strange has toured extensively around the world, performing his shows that showcase the triumph of mind over body with comedic sharpness in over twenty countries. His successful six-month European tour included performances in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Sweden. In 2012, Strange organized his own variety show called "Johnny Strange's Theatre of Wonder," where he not only performed but also took on the role of a host. He invited high-class circus performers, sideshow artists, and freak show performers from around the world, including acrobats, knife throwers, snake charmers, strongmen, balancers, and fire breathers. Johnny's extraordinary stunts have repeatedly earned him a place in the Guinness World Records. In 2013, he earned the nickname "Man with Iron Ears" after successfully dragging the heaviest weight ever moved by ears, a 677 kg plane, for 20.4 meters.

Record-Breaking Feats

On October 12, 2013, Johnny Strange set a funny and simultaneously deadly record involving apples and a gasoline chainsaw. In one minute, he cut eight apples in half with a chainsaw held in his own teeth. On the same day, he set several more world records. He called upon an assistant who, in 30.4 seconds, smashed 16 concrete blocks placed one after another on Strange's abdomen with a sledgehammer. The British performer freed his hands from six animal traps within 60 seconds. Finally, Strange lay on a bed of nails while his assistant used a samurai sword to cut watermelons placed on his stomach. In just 30 seconds, the assistant demolished ten watermelons without harming the record holder. The online news resource "International Business Times" called the apple-sawing performance in the mouth "the strangest and most amazing record." The tabloid "The Express" declared that the act of slicing watermelons on Strange's stomach while lying on nails should be considered "one of the best records ever recorded in the Guinness World Records."

Unique Sword Swallowing Stunt

In 2014, Johnny Strange made headlines in national and international newspapers after teaming up with fellow daredevil Vesko Lesev to create something unimaginable. Strange successfully performed a unique sword swallowing stunt in Brussels, Belgium. He became the first person in the world to swallow a sword in the "Sphere of Death," where motorcycle stuntmen perform vertical and horizontal loops at speeds exceeding 70 km/h.

Inside a 5-meter steel mesh sphere, Strange swallowed a 43 cm sword while Lesev circled him on a motorcycle. The death-defying act was a success. Johnny stated that he had been practicing the art of sword swallowing for three years, practicing every day. He added, "Both sides need to trust each other immensely. One wrong move could have devastating consequences for either of us. I have performed in Belgium before, but this was my first time in Brussels. The atmosphere here was amazing, and the audience over the weekend was simply fantastic."

In reality, due to the serious danger and the need for constant training and dedication, there are not many sword swallowers left in the world. The Sword Swallowers Association International (SSAI) has recognized Johnny Strange as one of the few remaining active professional sword swallowers in Europe.