Jong-suk Kim

Jong-suk Kim

Kim Il Sung's first wife
Date of Birth: 24.12.1917
Country: China

  1. Biography of Kim Jong Suk
  2. Early Activism
  3. Marriage and Motherhood
  4. Legacy and Death

Biography of Kim Jong Suk

Kim Jong Suk, the first (and according to some sources, second) wife of Kim Il Sung and the mother of Kim Jong Il, was a prominent political and state figure in North Korea. She was born in the Kairae district of Kanggye Province, in a poor peasant family. In 1922, her family was forced to leave Korea and relocate to China.

Early Activism

On July 10, 1932, Kim Jong Suk joined the Communist Youth Union of Korea, led by Kim Il Sung. On April 25, 1936, she was transferred to a unit of the Korean People's Army under the direct command of Kim Il Sung. She formally joined the Communist Party on January 25, 1937.

Marriage and Motherhood

In 1940, Kim Jong Suk married Kim Il Sung. On February 16, 1941, their son, Kim Jong Il, was born in the village of Vyatskoye in the Khabarovsk Krai (according to Soviet data) or in the Pektusan area (according to North Korean data). However, the majority of the family's time was spent in Vyatskoye. After Japan's defeat, the family returned to Korea.

Legacy and Death

Kim Jong Suk passed away on September 22, 1949, at the age of 32 during childbirth, just a year after the establishment of North Korea. On September 18, 1972, she was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of North Korea. In North Korea, Kim Jong Suk is revered as a "heroine of the anti-Japanese war, an outstanding political activist, an example of devotion to the leader, and a great mother of the revolution."

Numerous educational and healthcare institutions in North Korea bear the name of Kim Jong Suk, including a district, a pedagogical institute, and childcare centers. Since 1997, official portraits known as the "Three Generals" have been displayed in North Korea, featuring Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Suk, respectively, symbolizing their leadership and influence.