Julia Safina

Julia Safina

Fashion designer, creative director of the 'ICON' brand, daughter-in-law of Senator Ralif Safin and wife of Alsou's brother
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Yulia Safina
  2. Relationship with Alsou
  3. Designing Alsou's Wedding Dress
  4. Bond with Alsou
  5. Meeting the Safin Family
  6. The Significance of Her Name
  7. Marat's Pride
  8. Her Fashion Style

Biography of Yulia Safina

Yulia Safina is a fashion designer and the creative director of the luxury clothing brand 'ICON'. She is also known for her family ties to the popular singer Alsou and her marriage to Alsou's brother. Yulia has been living in London for many years, happily married to her husband, but she often visits Russia to see her relatives and handle business matters.

Julia Safina

Relationship with Alsou

Yulia Safina's name in our country is not only known for her elite clothing brand ICON, but also for her family connections with the popular singer Alsou. Yulia and Alsou have a close working relationship, with Yulia creating concert costumes for Alsou. Their professional collaboration has not negatively affected their personal relationship, as they approach their work as a designer and client. Yulia finds it easy to work with Alsou because she knows exactly what she wants in terms of color and style.

Julia Safina

Designing Alsou's Wedding Dress

Yulia Safina was also responsible for designing Alsou's wedding dress, which took about six months to create. The dress was a significant responsibility, weighing a total of 15 kilograms with a metal hoop. Yulia and Alsou both experienced nerves throughout the process, but Yulia felt the weight of the responsibility as the designer.

Julia Safina

Bond with Alsou

Yulia Safina and Alsou have a strong bond and have been able to maintain a close relationship since they first met. Yulia believes that their unique connection is due to the fact that neither of them have biological sisters. They lived together when Alsou was studying in a London school, which brought them even closer. Yulia considers Alsou to be like a sister to her.

Meeting the Safin Family

When Yulia Safina first entered the Safin family home, she was not afraid of the possibility of disapproval from her future in-laws. Marat, Yulia's husband, simply introduced her to his parents without any hesitation or concern.

The Significance of Her Name

Yulia Safina used to consider her surname as a representation of her family, but her perspective changed when she started working. She realized that her name carries more weight as a result of her career. When she visits Moscow, she encounters people who try to impress her, but she can sense when someone is being insincere. Yulia values authenticity in her relationships and interactions.

Marat's Pride

Marat, Yulia's husband, takes pride in her accomplishments. He enjoys bringing his friends to her boutique and telling them that Yulia created everything herself. Their agreement is that as long as Yulia's work does not interfere with their family life, there are no issues. Yulia dedicates a few hours a day to her work and devotes the rest of her time to her husband and children.

Her Fashion Style

Yulia Safina's boutique, ICON, is known for its luxurious and elegant dresses. Yulia herself embraces this style and often wears her own creations to events. The journey began when she worked at an atelier, designing dresses for clients. She noticed that many women wore similar dresses at social events, which inspired her to create unique, stylish dresses that would be one-of-a-kind. Her boutique in the "Vremena Goda" shopping center on Kutuzovsky Avenue has been open for less than two years, while the atelier has been in existence for nearly a decade. Yulia initially had to adjust her designs to cater to the preferences of her Russian clientele, who tend to prefer vibrant and sparkling outfits compared to their Western counterparts.