Karl Benz

Karl Benz

German engineer, inventor of the automobile,
Date of Birth: 25.11.1844
Country: Germany

Biography of Karl Benz

Karl Benz was a German engineer, inventor, and pioneer of automobile manufacturing. He was born on November 25, 1844, in Mühlburg, Germany. Benz's ancestors were blacksmiths in Pfaffendorf, and his father worked as a locomotive engineer for the railway. Benz attended middle school in Karlsruhe and later enrolled in a technical school, where he developed a fascination for steam locomotives and other steam-powered vehicles.

Karl Benz

After completing his education, Benz struggled to find steady employment. He worked as a hired employee at various machine-building companies but was always driven by the idea of creating a new type of engine. In 1871, Benz married Bertha Ringer, who inherited a significant sum of money, allowing Benz to buy out his business partner and establish his own workshop for engine experiments.

Despite financial difficulties, Benz was able to develop a two-stroke engine and obtained a patent for its fuel system. He founded a new company and began producing small two-stroke engines. In 1885, Benz, along with his investors, established another new company. He worked in his workshops during the day and conducted experiments in a shed near his home at night.

Benz's perseverance, initiative, and determination led to the creation of a three-wheeled automobile with a four-stroke engine. He designed and developed all the components of his car, solving numerous technical challenges along the way. In January 1886, Benz received a patent for his new automobile. However, it initially generated little interest among buyers, although the engines were in high demand, especially in Germany.

In 1889, Benz's representative showcased his automobile at an exhibition in Paris, alongside vehicles from the German company "Daimler." The exhibition did not result in successful sales until 1890 when several German companies expressed interest in producing Benz's automobiles. A new company was established solely for the production of Benz's automobiles.

Throughout the following years, Benz continuously worked on his new projects, conducting test drives of his vehicles. In 1897, he developed a two-cylinder engine with a horizontal layout, known as the "opposing engine." The "Benz" company gained recognition and popularity among buyers due to its high sports performance results.

Finally, after many years of setbacks, Benz experienced a more successful period. In 1926, the "Benz" company merged with "Daimler" to form "Daimler-Benz," which still exists to this day. Karl Benz passed away on April 4, 1929, at the age of 85.